Ooops. Please ignore my last post marked Private

I’ve been getting messages this morning asking for the passcode for the Family Christmas post. It was a poll I sent out to my kids to figure out when it will be best to celebrate Christmas. I forgot to make my site private before I posted so it went out to everyone.

Now I have taken the Crowdsignal poll and shared it with them by text rather than embedding it here in a post, and I took the post down.

Sorry for any inconvenience that caused. But thank you for caring. That was really awesome.

I’m working on a post that will introduce you to my grandson who was born last week. It should come out relatively soon. Just trying to find time to write it 🙂

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Good morning and congratulations, dear Chrissy. We are eagerly awaiting the pictures of the newborn, who certainly must as beautiful as the lovely Grandma. I was certainly surprised to read the notice about a “private post” and “asking for a code” I said to myself: this woman has suffocated with the stressful Slack demands and gone bananas. So glad it was a mistake.
Un baccione. Arrivederci.

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