About The Techie Family

We are a techie family.

In our household we do our best to harness the power of technology. Instead of letting it divide us, we try to use it as a tool to make our family life fun and more productive. Now we want to share our ideas with you.

I’m a mom with a degree in elementary education. When our children were younger, I ran an in-home licensed Head Start daycare then transitioned into a professional writing career. You can find my work in many parenting publications and The Writer as well as in many online venues. My specialty was children’s media. I was the Managing Editor for the Coalition for Quality Children’s Media – KIDS FIRST! for almost a decade, and I still write for Journeys in Film.

Now I am working as a Happiness Engineer at Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com, Cloudup, PollDaddy, Jetpack, VaultPress, Gravatar, Akismet and more. With this dream job, I get to spend my days helping people with their WordPress websites. How lucky am I?

This site is a compilation of reviews, ideas, interviews and news. It’s filled with tips and tricks that my husband, my three sons, and I have found particularly interesting and helpful. It’s also a commentary on life in general. Technology is a great tool for documenting things we might want to come back to later.

My husband is an artist and Renaissance man. He has his own blog, highlighting his work and thoughts. Our eldest son, now out of college, is a game designer and ski instructor living in Utah with his lovely wife, Lauren. He keeps us up-to-date with the current news and trends in technology. Our middle son is business major, attending college virtually as he works and explores the world, and our youngest son is in his first year of college, studying culinary arts.

We love technology, and we’re all about family.

That’s us – the Techie Family.

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Every day I wake up, amazed that my work includes meeting amazing people like you and the others in Blogging University. What a gift!

I love your thought that you are using technology to make your lives more fun and productive. I’m a teacher, and I’m really going for the edtech this year. I had been resistant to Twitter for years, but a recent push to incorporate social media into our instruction convinced me to look into it, and I’m fully convinced that all tech is what you make of it! My kids are so much more involved in everything we’re doing this year as I utilize Twitter and a classroom blog. I think we need to teach people to use technology, not avoid it. I sense in you a kindred spirit!

Your family and job sound amazing! Who wouldn’t want to be a Happiness Engineer? At first I thought that it was a title you gave yourself because that is what you strive for in your life. Then I continued to read and clicked the link… You may strive for that in your life but you also get to help others reach Happiness, too. I am excited to read more on your blog. And to read more about your job and company. Thank you so much for sharing!

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