Changing Styles to Max Pockets

RFID Gadgets

When my cousin was young, he was really into pockets. I remember watching my Mor Mor sew a set of pockets he could then pin on to outfits so he would always have them. I loved her love for her grandson and her ingenuity. Today I’m wishing she was around to make me some 🙂

Seriously though, with our technological advancements it would be nice to see some options that didn’t wipe each other out. Without having to purchase special sleeves for each item. When I hit the slopes, it’s always tricky.

Sweatshirt with lots of pockets

This is my favorite sweatshirt to wear under my coat. Just look at all those zippered pockets! If not for that I would probably not own it.

Not only is it not a great color on me, but I stole it. **sssshhhh don’t tell** It was actually a gift someone gave my husband, and I took it over so I could have those pockets. Apparently I have an evil streak.

Moving on… I have my RFID car keys (sometimes), my hotel room key (with a magnetic strip), my RFID season pass for the slopes and my cell phone. The car key and the phone both have potential of wiping out the room key and the season pass.

RFID Gadgets

So I try to keep all four in separate pockets, and that gets awkward. Especially since I have to keep my slope card in the zipped chest pocket I usually keep my phone so it reads correctly as I snowboard through the gates. And I’m not happy that this means my phone goes into my snowpants leg pocket. I fall enough that I don’t want it in a hip pocket, because it will hurt as I bend awkwardly. But then again in the leg pocket, there is no zipper so I always worry it will fly out.

My most recent clothes shopping excursions show me how this new concern affects my decision making. Now I want a minimum of four pocket, and preferably ones with zippers. It’s making me lean toward more sweatshirts in my wardrobe, which is problematic since I’m trying to make myself have a bit more style than I have had in recent years.

I love the idea of the scarves with zippers like my colleague/friend Pam makes. That helps. But I’m certain how that’s going to work in the heat of summer.

Ah well. First world problems, eh? That said, I think my little cousin was one smart dude.