• 100 Days Slope Celebration

    100 Days Slope Celebration

    It’s always fun when a ski/snowboard resort announces their 100th day of operations. Some resorts used to offer $1 lift tickets on the 100th day. I took advantage of that to try the slopes the first time I ever landed on a board. With inflation, it’s often $10 — still amazing. Our place doesn’t have […]

  • Snowstorm Fun 2023

    Snowstorm Fun 2023

    The east coast (ice coast). Powder. Those words don’t usually go together, but this week we got it 🙂 A snowboarder’s dream. Can you imagine how our hearts were beating with excitement when we heard the storm was stuck over our location? Yup. That happened. 36 inches to be exact (25.4 mm). Our electric supply […]

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  • Health Issues in March (and mental healing on the slopes)

    Health Issues in March (and mental healing on the slopes)

    I’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging, but it’s because life has been full. When not working, I’ve been playing in the snow. It’s been amazing. Remember my posts on how rough this year has been regarding snowfall in the east? Well, I have to say Jiminy Peak (our home mountain) put up an […]

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  • New Stage of Life

    New Stage of Life

    When I was in college, I was given ads encouraging me to get a credit card. Then I was offered all sorts of bells and whistles to enhance my marriage. Next came the coupons for baby gear. Soon after, it was all about optimizing my career — then retirement incentives. It appears I have now […]

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  • Super Wise?

    Super Wise?

    In the very early 2000s I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed. I remember it clearly since we had to drive about 90 minutes each way to get it done. My kids had earned some free pizza from a reading program they were part of so we decided to hit Pizza Hut on […]

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  • Sharing “Resuscitating Canaries”

    Sharing “Resuscitating Canaries”

    This past weekend I was going to blog. I even know what I’m writing about. But as I was going through my Reader, I found a thought-provoking post I really wanted to share. I clicked the Reblog button, but got distracted. Now I see it reblogged, but I have no idea to where. Due to […]

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  • It’s Raining Again

    It’s Raining Again

    At least is was on January 13 when I started writing this. I have never seen anything quite like this in my east-coast US life. There just isn’t snow here in our winter this year. But you know what? If ever there was to be a year of warmer climes, this year would get my […]

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