Word Quilt

I don’t sew, but I write — patching together pieces of my life.

Creating a Natural Habitat in your Backyard

Love, love, love this post from @seriouslyseekinganswers so I wanted to share it with you all. Great ideas and wonderful images. The squirrel mention reminded me of a favorite YouTube video I have watched several times this year. It’s 21 minutes-long but so worth it because it’s funny, interesting, and amazing. I’ll post that video […]

Physical Therapy

A couple of years ago, I went to a few sessions of therapy when I slipped a disc in my back. It helped so much that when I feel my back starting to go again, I do the exercises, and so far — so good 🙂 Now I am going to Greylock Physical Therapy twice […]


My family has a lot of artists in it. Several cousins, my grandmother, and even my niece (dipping into the NexGen) are amazing with a pencil, pen, and paintbrush. The genes for that skipped me. When I used to run a home daycare, I always joked that coloring with the kids was awesome because they […]

Oh Deer

Recently I’ve been having some close encounters with some deer. It’s been pretty cool. And it’s conflicting for me mentally, but I’m going to enjoy the moments as I have them now. How is this a conflict? After decades of living in western NY where we are overrun by deer, I see the harm of […]

Happiness Is Berry Picking

Especially with a good friend in an abandoned field filled with endless amounts of berries. Yogurt has been extra good this week with these mixed in 🙂

Kinda Back

We tend to learn far more from a mind that is cantankerous and restless Headspace.com Love that quote from the meditation app that I use. Sometimes our best thoughts and realizations come out when life seems messed up. That pain in a neck that I had was a bit worse than I realized, and I […]

Young Relatives Meeting

One of the silly things about our lock-down is that my earring holes keep trying to close. This is odd to me since I regularly work from home and wouldn’t think I would be putting in earrings any less. Ah well. As Chris and I drove down the road I mentioned that the last time […]

Balance Rock

Things are starting to get better in my world. I’m done whinging 🙂 My colleague and friend is also on sabbatical, and he came to visit us in Massachusetts. We had several great days of cooking, movies, yakking, and hiking. My daughter-in-law, Lauren, had told me about https://www.alltrails.com/ a few years ago so we opened […]

A Pain in the Neck

I wrote about initial plans for sabbatical a bit ago. Those did not work thanks to Covid. Two weeks into Plan B, I’m learning that perhaps my lesson of the time off is to step back and not plan and let life happen. Every idea that flitted through my mind as a great thing to […]


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