Word Quilt

I don’t sew, but I write — patching together pieces of my life.

A Fresh Start

Sabbatical doesn’t start until Monday. However, I pushed my four day/10-hour-a-day work week into the beginning of this one, and now I am on weekend then sabbatical. So, technically completely off.  I thought I would have a nice transition of a few days casually checking into the channels, but I think I needed this break […]

Sabbatical Kick-off

Three months ago we had the best plans ever. Wait. Let me go back in time a bit. Last September I hit my five-year mark of being an Automattician — a Happiness Engineer working at Automattic, Inc. The company spoils us rotten. We get a specialized computer with a logo for our fourth year anniversary, […]

Chris is figuring he plan of attack for setting in the wood floor


We just put in a new floor. We meaning Chris did. And I cheered him on. My man who does everything. Naming this post was tricky. Should I call it Grounded? This was a project we had planned to do in August after we traveled around the world during my sabbatical (more on that in […]

Are you Okay?

I’m just asking because I’m telling everyone I’m okay. But I’m not really, terribly okay. So yeah, in first world things, I’m okay. Embarrassingly okay. But I miss people. Like, live people not on a screen. I miss hugs and real life conversations and direct eye contact. I picked two fights at work. One with […]

Making Mistakes

I’m reading a great book right now. It is one I had not heard of before a colleague started a book club. It’s called Daring Greatly: How the Courage to be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead. We have our meeting on Chapter One tonight, but I’m indulging in reading Chapter […]

Pandancing Academy

Is that the cutest name, or what? I am officially a certificate-earning member of the Pandancing Academy and couldn’t be more proud. If you know me in live form, you know I’m extremely uncoordinated. Back in high school, in Driver’s Education, I failed the drunk driver test — completely sober — because I can’t walk […]

Avalon is teething

A Tale of Teeth

Today my kids shared a picture of Avalon feeding herself “real” un-pureed food. Last time I saw her in person, she was beginning to explore food that didn’t come in a bottle. How is time going so fast? She now has two teeth almost ready to use. One broke through the gum already, and the […]

Easter 2020

Gotta admit. That was one of my favorite Easter Sundays ever. No fancy dresses, no muss no fuss. I woke up at the crack of 10 am (how lazy can one get?) so I’d be ready for 10:30 Zoom church. A few minutes later, Zeb called and we got to talk with Zeb, Bri, Mollie […]


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