• Family Fun in Utah

    Family Fun in Utah

    The world is opening again, and it feels so good. I hadn’t had a chance to travel for work since the Panama trip in January 2020. And I was lucky I got that one. This year, I was on a rotation with the mobile support team, and they invited me to their team gathering in […]

  • Blog and Life Plans

    Blog and Life Plans

    Well this is going to be interesting. No way around it. Things have to change. This year I have not been me. Maybe the last three years, but somehow for sure this year. It’s been a rough one, but with perspective, my rough year is one others would dream of having. So there’s that. I’m […]

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  • A New “Do”

    A New “Do”

    No it’s not a rat’s nest. Although I think it kind of looks like one. This pile is residual art. Since I keep moving around, I’ve had a number of hairdressers over the past decade. Each time I go, I tell the person to “Do what you want, just not too short. And I’m looking […]

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  • The Berlin Wall

    The Berlin Wall

    After a bunch of long days holed up in a conference room, my colleagues and I found ourselves with an afternoon off. Four of us hopped into an Uber to visit the Berlin wall. I will admit to ignorance. For some reason in my head, it was tall. Like the Great Wall of China. I […]

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  • A Week in Berlin

    A Week in Berlin

    My Internet radio makes sure I’m aware that local Oktoberfest celebrations are happening. While I have never officially been to an Oktoberfest occasion, I was able to enjoy a beer in Germany a few months ago. It was when I was in Berlin for a team meetup. The city wasn’t at all what I thought […]

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  • Autumn Beauty

    Autumn Beauty
  • Our Fourth Grandchild

    Our Fourth Grandchild

    About four weeks before their second child was due, Zeb and Bri moved east. Wild things! They settled in fast, and we all made plans for the impending birth. Bri was going to get an induction so we knew what dates we were working with (so helpful). Chris and I took work and headed to […]

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