Word Quilt

I don’t sew, but I write — patching together pieces of my life.

Our First Grandson is Born

He was due October 13, 2020. Our grandson, Shiloh. Remember him? Last time you saw him, he was hiding here: We were ready. Our flight was booked for Utah a week ahead of schedule so Chris and I could settle in, spend time with the kids and get ready for our grandson. But the kids […]

photo of a boy covering his eyes

Ooops. Please ignore my last post marked Private

I’ve been getting messages this morning asking for the passcode for the Family Christmas post. It was a poll I sent out to my kids to figure out when it will be best to celebrate Christmas. I forgot to make my site private before I posted so it went out to everyone. Now I have […]

Appendicitis With No Normal Symptoms

Google wasn’t much of a help so I’m writing this in hopes that my story can help others. This Week I Learned (TWIL): Yes, you can have appendicitis without having the normal symptoms. So are you even wondering if you have appendicitis? There’s no need to read this long post. Just go to a doctor. […]

Piano Memories

Once upon a time, in what almost seems like another life, I played the piano. I don’t mean Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. The type of playing I did involved practicing for many hours a day. I was even a keyboard minor in college (piano, organ and actual keyboard). Then life took a different path, and […]

Art Tools

My drawing hobby continues 🙂 I’m finding it very relaxing to wind up a work day with a short tutorial by Paul Priestly, but I was getting a little frustrated because my drawings really lacked the look I was trying to achieve. As I wrote last month, I’m no expert and don’t plan to be. […]

2020 Sabbatical Summary

Another selfish post. I’m writing it as a reminder to me so I remember what I learned over this sabbatical time. Note to self: It’s not optimal to plan sabbatical during a Covid-19 outbreak. It was the worst of times and the best of times (yes, I know I did that quote in reverse — […]

Zeb and Bri Visit

A highlight of this sabbatical included a short trip from two of our kids. Zeb and Bri few in from Utah for a visit east before our grandson is born. The night was beautiful and had the nicest warm wind. We didn’t realize the renovations at the Albany airport had come so far, and we […]

Creating a Natural Habitat in your Backyard

Love, love, love this post from @seriouslyseekinganswers so I wanted to share it with you all. Great ideas and wonderful images. The squirrel mention reminded me of a favorite YouTube video I have watched several times this year. It’s 21 minutes-long but so worth it because it’s funny, interesting, and amazing. I’ll post that video […]

Physical Therapy

A couple of years ago, I went to a few sessions of therapy when I slipped a disc in my back. It helped so much that when I feel my back starting to go again, I do the exercises, and so far — so good 🙂 Now I am going to Greylock Physical Therapy twice […]


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