Word Quilt

I don’t sew, but I write — patching together pieces of my life.

Young Relatives Meeting

One of the silly things about our lock-down is that my earring holes keep trying to close. This is odd to me since I regularly work from home and wouldn’t think I would be putting in earrings any less. Ah well. As Chris and I drove down the road I mentioned that the last time […]

Balance Rock

Things are starting to get better in my world. I’m done whinging 🙂 My colleague and friend is also on sabbatical, and he came to visit us in Massachusetts. We had several great days of cooking, movies, yakking, and hiking. My daughter-in-law, Lauren, had told me about https://www.alltrails.com/ a few years ago so we opened […]

A Pain in the Neck

I wrote about initial plans for sabbatical a bit ago. Those did not work thanks to Covid. Two weeks into Plan B, I’m learning that perhaps my lesson of the time off is to step back and not plan and let life happen. Every idea that flitted through my mind as a great thing to […]

Kisses from Charlie - also mentioned in https://chrissie.blog/2019/12/18/a-birthday-to-remember/

Lazy Days of June

Highlights during the past few weeks: The final patch of snow melted June 6, and I got to see the change. Summer activities are going to happen, and I get to see the prep for the June 27th opening of resort activities. My friend Gail visited. We walked and talked and enjoyed being the first […]

Adventure Bite

Every day or so I get a new Avalon picture, because the kids are great sports. I try not to bug them too much. But I am addicted to the little girl. She eats regular food as shown in one of the recent pics, and it reminds me of the days when we ran a […]

A Fresh Start

Sabbatical doesn’t start until Monday. However, I pushed my four day/10-hour-a-day work week into the beginning of this one, and now I am on weekend then sabbatical. So, technically completely off.  I thought I would have a nice transition of a few days casually checking into the channels, but I think I needed this break […]

Sabbatical Kick-off

Three months ago we had the best plans ever. Wait. Let me go back in time a bit. Last September I hit my five-year mark of being an Automattician — a Happiness Engineer working at Automattic, Inc. The company spoils us rotten. We get a specialized computer with a logo for our fourth year anniversary, […]

Chris is figuring he plan of attack for setting in the wood floor


We just put in a new floor. We meaning Chris did. And I cheered him on. My man who does everything. Naming this post was tricky. Should I call it Grounded? This was a project we had planned to do in August after we traveled around the world during my sabbatical (more on that in […]

Are you Okay?

I’m just asking because I’m telling everyone I’m okay. But I’m not really, terribly okay. So yeah, in first world things, I’m okay. Embarrassingly okay. But I miss people. Like, live people not on a screen. I miss hugs and real life conversations and direct eye contact. I picked two fights at work. One with […]


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