• Judging Cupcakes

    Judging Cupcakes

    I’ve had bunch of more serious posts happening recently, but we’ve also had a bunch of fun — from a granddaughter being born to trips and even watching a scan of an Egyptian mummy. Plenty of fodder for upcoming posts 🙂 Here’s the first of a bunch of fun — in no particular order…this one […]

  • Covid Caught Me

    Covid Caught Me

    I think I might have had Omicron before, in April. I was quite ill, throwing up and suffering through one of the worst “colds” I’ve had in my life. But this is the first time I actually tested positive. Even after a vaccine and three booster shots. Maybe they weren’t targeted to respond to this […]

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  • Memorial Service and Family Time

    Memorial Service and Family Time

    The trip from Massachusetts to North Carolina went amazingly well. Chris and I weren’t sure how it would go. We knew we wanted to avoid traffic so we decided to drive through the night. Uncle John had always said that was the best time to travel, too, so I felt that approval right from the […]

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  • Choo Choo John

    Choo Choo John

    My greatly-loved Uncle John died June 11. Almost a full month ago, and I’m still reeling a bit. Many of you already knew that he died since you follow my amazing Aunt Anne’s blog — Mehrling Muse – Life in the Mountains. I haven’t written because I felt it was her right to share first. […]

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  • Snowmageddon Sweetness

    Snowmageddon Sweetness

    Every year/snowboard season there is a day that stands out as exceptional. Sometimes it is a bluebird spring day where the time on the slopes is followed by a cooling beer on a deck in the sun with friends. Sometimes it’s a particularly perfect powder. Sometimes it’s exquisite views as the sun gleams through the […]

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  • So Long to Snowboarding

    So Long to Snowboarding

    At least for this season. The last couple of months have been quite busy. When I wasn’t working or hanging out with visiting guests, I was grabbing time on the slopes. It’s been a crazy season, but a good one. The weather has been extremely mercurial. It seemed one day it would be well below […]

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  • Slope Stories

    Slope Stories

    2021 was, well 2021. Rough year. I’ll write more about that another time. Bottom line is that it left me pretty exhausted so Chris and I made conscious choices to slow down for at least a few months. The energy is starting to come back thanks to a concentration on a healthy diet, sleep and […]

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