Word Quilt

I don’t sew, but I write — patching together pieces of my life.

Chrissie Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking at Deer Valley

My last full day in Utah was a treasure of a day. CJ and Lauren had given me a pass for Deer Valley, and Zeb procured a mountain bike for me 🙂 It was Zeb’s day off work so he and Shiloh accompanied me. Last Friday I woke up to have breakfast with my adorable […]

Miraculous Maeva

The last few weeks have felt like a massive roller coaster ride. As you know from a few of my previous posts, our latest grandchild had a tumor. The surgeons decided to wait until she was at around 36 weeks gestation before bringing her into the world using a cesarean section delivery. We were keeping […]

white notebook and pen

Bloggers from Different Angles

This is a fun thing. My aunt is an amazing writer and a gift to the blogosphere. Before that she typed out communications and her takes on daily life for the entertainment of our family. She is truly a gifted person. My uncle saved her old letters, and now she is putting them on her […]

brown wooden blocks on white surface

Tough Decisions

And I wouldn’t mind your tips, dear readers. If you had a few extra hours in your day, and needed to get off your duff, away from monitors and aren’t particularly talented in art, cooking or any endeavors requiring coordination, what would you do? Topic jump. I made two extremely traumatizing decisions (for me) this […]

close up photo of brown bird

Identifying Bird Friends

There’s a bird I hear that brings me great joy. I seem to associate its call with warm days in the spring as I sun myself on slow ski lifts and watch the winter melt-off. I was sure it was a Phoebe. But when I went to share the sound and information on the bird […]

Mushroom Magic

The weather this year is crazy. While they are having drought conditions in the western part of the US, here in the east it barely stops raining. Last Friday Chris and I went for a walk up the mountain, using the mountain bike trails, and we were treated to amazing visuals. The wet earth drew […]

low angle photography of flock of flying gulls

Parenting Pains

Everyone talks about growing pains, but what about the process of pain in parenthood? This past week was a bit of a mental struggle for me. I realized my kids don’t need me anymore. They have truly flown. With introspect, I realize the desire to be needed is a bit strong in me. Probably not […]


WordPress.com Truly Cares

The other day I read a post on companies’ policies on time off, and they highlighted Automattic (the company I work for — ). It said: At Automattic, time off is unlimited. To be sure vacation days get used, we recommend that folks take at least a minimum of 25 days off every year … […]

Pea Soup in the InstaPot

Vegetarian Pea Soup

I’m a huge fan of AllRecipes.com. Sometimes I find myself merging a few recipes I find there to create my own concoction. Then I get frustrated when I forget what I did so I decided to blog some of my favorites — the way I like them.


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