• Sharing “Resuscitating Canaries”

    Sharing “Resuscitating Canaries”

    This past weekend I was going to blog. I even know what I’m writing about. But as I was going through my Reader, I found a thought-provoking post I really wanted to share. I clicked the Reblog button, but got distracted. Now I see it reblogged, but I have no idea to where. Due to […]

  • It’s Raining Again

    It’s Raining Again

    At least is was on January 13 when I started writing this. I have never seen anything quite like this in my east-coast US life. There just isn’t snow here in our winter this year. But you know what? If ever there was to be a year of warmer climes, this year would get my […]

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  • Somebody’s Watching You

    Somebody’s Watching You

    How do you feel about people watching your attempt at a sport? This was a topic of lift conversation a couple times in the last month. One friend expressed that she liked to ride at night where people weren’t likely to see her. Another friend stated he didn’t like the slopes under the lifts (even […]

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  • 31 Years – Celebrating Marriage

    31 Years – Celebrating Marriage

    The faces are fuller, the hair has gone darker (and is starting to grey) or has just disappeared. We’ve gone from beaches to beloved mountains with many adventures in between. Not always easy, but the love is very much there. Here’s to at least another 31 years of marriage with you, my love. Attribution for […]

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  • A December to Remember

    A December to Remember

    This month was a reminder to never try to plan anything in life. But to also be grateful for the results of the life unplanned. December is a big month for Chris and me. It’s a month that contains (in no particular order): my birthday, our anniversary, Aunt Anne‘s birthday (and several other relatives), my […]

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  • A Birthday in SC

    A Birthday in SC

    When life aligned for me to fly to South Carolina on my birthday, (see my post on December for more details on how this came about) the best option was to leave our home by 3am. Eeew. Right? My sainted husband drove me to the airport, and I commented I guess the time was fair […]

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  • Wishes Granted

    Wishes Granted

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