Word Quilt

I don’t sew, but I write — patching together pieces of my life.


Big little things can be so important in one’s life. For example, when Uncle John and Aunt Anne decided to pop in and visit us during their trip through the northeast, it seemed like a little enough thing for them. For us? It was a really big thing. To think that in their travels they […]

Valentine’s Fortunes

Soooo. It was our Valentine’s celebration, and we were at the local Chinese food restaurant. It came time to read our fortunes, and Mom cracked her cookie open. Empty I so wish you could have seen her face as the 86-year-old woman commented something like … Well, that’s not a good sign. Does that mean […]

Rise of Empires: Ottoman

History is so fascinating. I love comparing life today to life in the past. What have we learned? What errors are we repeating? My Uncle John got me hooked on history through tales he wove somewhere around fifth grade for me. I will be the first to admit I’m not one to dig through dry […]

2020 Starts With Change

While I’ve been mostly silent on the blog for a few weeks, my life has been anything but quiet. During this time, I’m reminded that I am a small piece in the part of a very large play in life, and everything happens for a purpose. To be honest, this might be a very boring […]

Grandma Joy

Last Monday, January 13, while driving from northern NY to Connecticut, I passed the Amsterdam exit and realized it’s been way too long since I had visited my grandma. That evening we got an email from my aunt telling us Grandma wasn’t doing so well. Since we were heading back to NY on Tuesday, it […]

A Calm Thought

The other day I went for a walk and listened to a meditation on the Calm app. In a little ten-minute session the narrator was focusing on thoughts and had some advice that has been resonating with me for over a week now. Shen mentioned that our minds were like radio stations that are constantly […]

Impromptu anniversary date with Taco Bell

Our 28th Wedding Anniversary

On Saturday Chris and I celebrated 28 years together. We were sitting in our living room having our morning coffee and reminiscing when we suddenly decided to have an impromptu date. Off to the mall we went for some cologne for Chris and a bit of lunch before work later in the day. (And unbeknownst […]

Beer and Carols -- Sing Lustily

Beer and Carols 2019

Now that sounds like fun! One of my favorite finds here in Massachusetts is the monthly Jazz Vespers service at Zion Lutheran in Pittsfield. I should blog about it sometime. When I can’t make it live, I love watching along on their Facebook page. The church has lots of events I’m never around long enough […]