• Chris’ New Studio

    Chris’ New Studio

    “So what’s next?” Aunt Anne asked Chris while the two were chatting on the back porch in late July. When he responded that he wanted to get serious about finding a Makers’ Space so he could really focus on his art, I don’t think either of us realized how quickly the perfect place would fall…

  • Vacation


    How much can you pack into a ten-day afk (away from keyboard) time? And still feel relaxed? I’m a little impressed with how this past vacation turned out thanks to a bit of planning, but mostly a lot of good weather luck and thanks to amazing people. July 21 my mother-in-law turned 90. It was…

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  • Friday Art Fun

    Friday Art Fun

    Last week Chris and I tried something new. We joined seven other people for an art class at the Berkshire Art Center (BAC). We’ve been meaning to go for quite a while now. The place offers an “Art Nights Out” the 4th Friday of each month. The topic of that particular evening was Warhol Ink…

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  • Chris is Back on Board 😀

    Chris is Back on Board :D

    And we celebrated by hitting the slopes in June! Better late than never 🙂 Chris has been working impressively and inspirationally hard at regaining mobility and strength since he was injured earlier this year. We thought the snowboard season was lost, and the golf wasn’t looking too hopeful, either. Two of his greatest passions. But…

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  • From Snow Banks to River Banks

    From Snow Banks to River Banks

    One of the many benefits of snowboarding/skiing is meeting incredible new people. If you want. I mean, there are definite times for solitude on the slopes. But sometimes you just wanna be more social. When you ride on days that are less busy (like I do — hitting the morning runs on weekdays), you can…

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  • 100 Days Slope Celebration

    100 Days Slope Celebration

    It’s always fun when a ski/snowboard resort announces their 100th day of operations. Some resorts used to offer $1 lift tickets on the 100th day. I took advantage of that to try the slopes the first time I ever landed on a board. With inflation, it’s often $10 — still amazing. Our place doesn’t have…

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  • Snowstorm Fun 2023

    Snowstorm Fun 2023

    The east coast (ice coast). Powder. Those words don’t usually go together, but this week we got it 🙂 A snowboarder’s dream. Can you imagine how our hearts were beating with excitement when we heard the storm was stuck over our location? Yup. That happened. 36 inches to be exact (25.4 mm). Our electric supply…

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