Word Quilt

I don’t sew, but I write — patching together pieces of my life.

The Beach Playground

We are fortunate here in northern NY. I hear other places such as Novia Scotia have closed their beaches, but our beaches remain open. They are more crowded than usual, but people are doing a great job of keeping the minimum 6-foot distance. We take turns going through narrow passages on bridges and to parking […]

A New Reality

I kind of didn’t want to write about the Coronavirus. It’s filling our social media feeds and affecting all our lives, and it seems so overwhelming at times. Then again, it would be silly to go through this part of history and not document the experience. Twenty years from now when our lives are thriving […]

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

Chris drank an entire bottle of rum in one sitting a month or so ago! Good thing it was the bottle I brought him back from Panama so he didn’t get a headache. The cute little bottle was smaller than my hand. I got it because I wanted something special from Panama, and it was […]

Back on Board

Yesterday, I hit the slopes again, and it was a bit scary after my fall on Tuesday. I know. I’m a wuss. People take much harder hits and get back up, but this one got me a bit. I felt like a beginner boarder again. As far as the season goes, I feel I was […]

Wise Words From my Son

If you surprise your board, it’ll surprise you… CJ Pollock That was the response after some messaging with my kids about a fall I took on the trail yesterday. It was totally my fault. As I said to them – I was going fast toe-side and decided at the last minute to take another trail. […]

Washroom Signs

One of the things I love most about traveling is learning how people do things differently from what I’m used to. This year I had a couple of interesting finds in washrooms. Funny thing — I know at least two people who take pics of washrooms. Apparently it’s a things to note the different decor. […]

Why Why Why

That big little word — Why. I’m getting better at using it. It’s such a seemingly innocuous creature, but has such power. Within this past year I have been more challenged to use it, and my life is changing. The trick is that you want to drill many layers down into the why to find […]

Creative Valentine’s Surprise

Have you checked your mail? That was kind of an odd request in this day and age. Snail mail is not a thing I check often, but Zeb and Bri told us something was on its way. How intriguing. Remember them? They are our children that were married in Moab last summer. A very creative, […]


Big little things can be so important in one’s life. For example, when Uncle John and Aunt Anne decided to pop in and visit us during their trip through the northeast, it seemed like a little enough thing for them. For us? It was a really big thing. To think that in their travels they […]