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< ![CDATA["Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible." - Francis of Assisi quotes from — Read on]]>

Blessing Boxes

Image by by New Life Church Collingwood

< ![CDATA[Image by by New Life Church CollingwoodCollege students shouldn’t have to think about whether or not they will have a meal during the day. But that is a scenario that many face, and most of the world isn’t aware of the struggle. In 2014, Feeding America, the USA’s largest emergency food assistance network, calculated that around 10% of its 46.5 million adult clients attend school, including 2 million full-time students1.
These are people who are better themselves, putting all their time and resources into educating themselves so they can contribute to the world, and have a better future for themselves.
A Watertown, NY man realized the need for food college students while working on a project for his own studies, and he did something about it. Army veteran Roman Vezpinoza set up a Blessing Box in his yard, and the idea is catching on. Good Housekeeping has an inspiring article on his mission.
Brilliant. And so inspiring.

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Extra Coins

Euros - Image from

< ![CDATA[[caption id="attachment_288" align="alignnone" width="3200"]Euros - Image from Euros – Image from[/caption]
We are winding down our month of living in Portugal. As with any trip to Europe, we’re doing all we can to use up those euro coins since they are awkward to hold on to and aren’t necessary back in the United States. I was mentioning this to a friend, and she had a great suggestion.
Every  time she leaves a country, she takes her left over cash and stashes it in unique public locations in the area. There is always a hope that it will brighten someone’s day when it’s discovered. Perhaps buy a meal or inspire someone else to leave cash stashes around for others, too.
Inspirational thought, eh?

Euros - Image from
Euros – Image from