Eggs and my Instant Pot

“Step away from the kitchen…”

If you have spent any time in my house, you’ve probably heard that phrase directed at me from my husband’s lips. It’s said lovingly, jokingly, and yet with a wee bit of seriousness. Disasters tend to follow me in that room.

egg GIF by Chris Timmons

But to be fair, I do rock Instant Pot cooking, and preparing boiled eggs for quick lunches for the week is a task I take on regulary.

Scoff if you will, but there is a science to it. So often, I grab an egg because I’m hungry and an a rush. I go to peel it, and the shells are stuck to the egg. It turns into a three-minute process, with a shell trail around me, and invariably some still stuck on the egg leading to a not-so-delightful crunch later. Then I found this recipe:

Eggs in my Instant Pot

  • Grab as many eggs as you want.
  • Place them in your Instant Pot. I put mine on a rack, but I don’t know if you need to.
  • Add 1 cup of water. I don’t think it matters if the water is hot or cold.
  • Seal the lid, and make sure the steam seal is shut.
  • While you might think you should set it to steam — DON’T (made that mistake before). What you really want to do is set it to Slow Cook and make sure it’s on high.
  • Set it for 8 minutes, and listen for the beeps so you know it started.
  • Walk away.
  • Come back after you catch up on your email, text a few friends, etc. and hear the final beeps.
  • Let the steam release, take off the lid, empty the hot liquid out and immerse the eggs in cold water.

That’s it.

It’s as easy as all that.

When you go to peel your eggs now, it’s like magic.

The Keto Connection

Keto Diet Food Pyramid

A month ago I realized I had hit an unhealthy weight zone for the first time in my life. I’ve been playing on the border of my upper limit for a while, but was now 6.5 lbs over it. Super not good.

My husband always makes me feel beautiful, but I was not happy with myself and the projected path of my future health. It was frustrating. I was doing the same exercise I had done in the past (although not as much snowboarding last year), and I was always hungry, and while I averaged an 1,000-1,300 calories intake, I kept on gaining. How very depressing.

Then at our company meetup, I was listening to flash talks and learned about Keto. The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet that changes your body chemistry so that it burns fats rather than carbohydrates. After researching it some more, I decided to give it a try for the month of October then I would reassess.

My coworkers have a #keto channel in Slack, so I could ask questions such as “What’s the best way to start this?” (Make sure your cupboards are stocked with the right foods) and “What do I do when the family is in a restaurant with lots of fried foods and limited salad options?” (enjoy the meal and company – it won’t throw the diet off much). Then I re-started my account with, which has been great for tracking my nutrition intake and the encouraging notes from friends who see my achievements are very encouraging.

Finally, I signed up for the free version of Diet Doctor, which gave me recipe ideas. I was warned that the first week can be rough. As your body gets used to the new diet, you feel lethargic and cranky. It’s called the Keto Flu, and I did get it, but once you get through the week you start feeling great. The most surprising thing for me is that you don’t feel hungry.

It’s weird, because you are encouraged to eat lots of meat, cheese, butter and cream, yet studies show that the diet actually decreases LDL cholesterol (mine was high so this is good). The toughest part of the diet for me is that I’m completely satiated on 300-600 calories, which is not healthy. So I am consciously trying to increase my caloric intake. I also supplement with vitamins to make sure I’m getting all the basics necessary.

I dropped almost 10 lbs in October (lost 2.5 inches on my waist and .75 of an inch on my neck), and broke the diet three times in order to enjoy meals with family and friends (and sample a bit of Halloween candy). Now I’m back in my healthy zone, and it feels really good. I plan to eat all I want at my next WordCamp and on Thanksgiving and Christmas Days, and I will enjoy some eggnog, but otherwise I think I’ll stick with this for a good long time.

It’s simply not a hardship. I really enjoy the food and the way I feel (energized and alert). I plan to share some of my favorite recipes on this blog. The oddest thing is that I’m even enjoying the cooking! (Words I have never said before in my life.)

A whole new me…