This Mommy-pot vase was made by the children of one of my dearest friends. And she made the basket behind. God gets the flower credit.

Maybe I’m just getting old, but this winter felt especially brutal temperature-wise here in western New York. I always associate Easter with spring, warmth, flowers, and sunshine. A re-birth that’s refreshing for my soul, my house, my closet, and life in general.

With Easter coming so early, and winter-like temps stretching so late, it felt like the rebirth wouldn’t happen. According to the weather forecasters, it still won’t happen Easter Sunday, but we did get it today.

The holiday, the 65 degree temps, walking my dog with friends (and without a coat) under a blue sky and finding the first flowers of the year for me was such a gift. I’m feeling the love and the hope. May that feeling spread to you all as well.

Coming Home on a Day Off

IMG_20150312_165054453_HDR-EFFECTSToday was a day off work for me. We homeschool Hudi, and Zeb had a day off college, so we decided to use the reciprocal we got with our Swain season pass to go to Holiday Valley.

It was a beautiful day. Hardly a cloud in the sky and 34 degrees when we left (we were sweating like crazy after getting used to sub-zero temps for so long). What did I discover?

  • There is definitely nothing like a day out with family.
  • Our family doesn’t feel whole without CJ, although we know he is really enjoying his time as a ski instructor at Deer Valley in Utah.
  • My men love to go fast and jump and turn.
  • I do not do so well in slush and ice, and I have a sore shoulder to prove it.
  • No sore shoulder can take away the joy of a perfect day.

There are some video clips of my guys at the end of this post.

I also tapped into some of my Photo 101 experience to grab some nature photos:

But while I learned these things, and they are all super true, I think we all learned that there is no place like our home ski slope with our buds. So we packed our gear and headed off for chicken wing night with our friends at our favorite home slope, Swain Resort. This is why we love it so much:

Then to top it off, we had a Skype call with CJ, making the day complete:


A fantastic day off. And it’s true what they say. There’s no place like home.

Videos from today:


My Favorite Beach

While I love the Long Island Sound and have body-surfed waves in the east coast Atlantic and the west coast Pacific, my favorite beach is filled with love, laughter and a few tears. It’s a beach on Lake Ontario, and we camp there every year with our kids and friends.