Trails for Dog Lovers

I sat on a rock for nearly two hours last Thursday. It was just Star, Chris and me, watching waves roll in.  And it was heaven. Last month our friends Mary Ann and Ken showed us a park in our area that we had never heard about. Wehle State Park quickly became a new favorite. Before it became a NY State Park, it was owned by Robert G. Wehle–a sculptor and nature enthusiast who had a passion for dogs.

When you arrive at the park (which has no entrance fee), it’s immediately inviting. Picnic tables are nestled under trees, and there are huge lawns beckoning people to run and play. Signs tell of the history of the place (it was once a military training ground then later, a cattle ranch). There is a visitor’s center with more interesting details about the place. Outside that is a sculpture of a dog that is real enough that Star got all excited and tried to greet it as a new friend.

There is a road, right past the enclosed dog-run area that leads past an apple orchard into the trees, and at the beginning of the road there is a water spigot, with a dog bowl at its base. We walked the trail for nearly two miles before arriving at a pavilion on Lake Ontario. That led to a stone stairway that led to the  rock where we picnicked and rested. Since the area was relative small and somewhat closed off, Star was free to play and didn’t try to roam, making for a super-relaxed afternoon. Want to share the delights of the day (and our last visit there) with me? Here you  go:


Love to All – Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

This holiday season has given me a mind shift and mental reboot, which I hope will lead to my being a better contributor to the human race. After a wonderful day of snowboarding with my family (yesterday), I now sit here and write in front of a lit tree, with a fire on the TV in front of me (I pretend it’s real), “For Unto Us a Child is Born” from the Messiah on my Pandora, our dog, Star, at my feet and a son by my side. Dinner is in the crock pot, smelling fabulous, and church is in two hrs. Pure Bliss.

Our world has shifted radically this year, and I’m starting to come to terms with it, I think. There are steps I’m making to implement changes that reflect the shift. I’m sure I’ll be sharing some of those with you over the next few weeks. For now, though, I’d like to leave you with the warmest of thoughts and two of my all-time favorite holiday songs. From Pentatonix and Straight No Chaser:

May you all be blessed in this upcoming year.

Our FURminator (Endorsed by Star and us)

Image Courtesy of Lauren Campbell:

We thought we would have it easy having a short-haired dog. However, our little Star is a HUGE shedder. It’s her undercoat that likes to sneak out and waft in the air. Over the past six years we have tried using numerous brushes, but our floors and furniture seem to have a nice (not) doggie-covering at all times.

This year I was frustrated enough to ask our vet about getting her a summer buzz. She was concerned about Star’s sensitive skin and allergic reactions to the environment and suggested the FURminator Long Hair deShedding Tool for Dogs, Large.

I did my research, and it was looking good. Unfortunately the cheapskate in me cringed at the price. Reviews showed pretty clearly that knock-offs were even more of a waste of money. I braced my shoulders, factored in the idea that hiring someone would cost a bit, too, then clicked the “Buy Now” option.

We’ve had it for several months now with absolutely no regrets. The house is MUCH cleaner, and Star loves it!

It’s true that we are careful how we use it–only brushing her every few days. We are also super-cautious about brushing her belly area. Here is a video showing her love of it. We did the filming on a really hot day so she kept creeping toward the shade under the car, but I have many local witnesses who can attest to the fact that she truly loves getting FURminated 🙂