Apple Watch Design Flaw

I discovered this in church, which was pretty awkward.

A huge Apple fan, I was super-psyched to get an Apple watch as a birthday/Christmas/anniversary gift. The thing is that we were traveling here and there, and I hadn’t really gotten around to my online meeting to learn about the watch. And I hadn’t much time to research it.

This didn’t worry me since I find Apple products to be incredibly intuitive. And for the most part it was. But then it happened. While I was in church, I heard some news I knew someone in my life would want to know so I texted it to him.

Confession. Yes, I text in church sometimes. I’m a terrible role model for my children.

I was okay with that conscious choice until a few minutes later when we were in the middle of prayer, and I realized that person might text me back. My phone was off, but I had no clue how to silence my watch (panicking, I forgot I could just throw it into sleep mode).


I did know to click the digital crown on the right side of my watch then to swipe from the bottom to the top to open my menu with battery percentage and such, but then I was stymied. See that little icon that looks kind of like this: (( [] )) ?

Well, that sure looked to me like an icon to put something on vibrate. Apparently it’s not. It’s a button to LOCATE a phone. Like even if your phone is on silent mode it will suddenly (and repetitively) start dinging loudly.

I tried to pretend it was someone else’s phone dinging, but my son betrayed me by dramatically turning and quirking an eyebrow at me. He is currently grounded 😉 jk.

Okay so this was bad enough, but as I checked it out more and looked it up, I realized that the icon above that one is the one that mutes the device. Say what? Not an icon three icons away? Nope. Right there on top so any time you want to be quiet, you have to be SUPER-duper careful to not let your finger slip and hit the shout-out by accident.

What’s up with that, Apple?

How to Make a GIF

Who would have thought anything with the word “lice” in it could be cool and exciting? But there it is. LICEcap has become one of my favorite tools for fun and for work. The program allows me to make GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) in a heartbeat.

I’m a Happiness Engineer for WordPress, and people ask me all sorts of questions during my work days. Sometimes answering with a screen recording is easier than typing the steps of a process. For instance, what if someone wanted to add a list of their past posts within a certain post, and I wanted to show them a style of short code that would work nicely? Sure, I can tell them the code to use, but isn’t it better when I show how it works?

Like this?


I also use LICEcap for fun, as you can see in Fireworks and Family, Friends and Food — My Life 🙂

So wanna know how I did it?

  1. I used LICEcap. And WordPress, of course. Both programs are free.
  2. Next, I downloaded and installed LICEcap.
  3. I opened LICEcap and moved the window so it was over the part of my screen I wished to record.
  4. I selected the “Record” option and named my Gif.
  5. I typed in what I wanted people to see then clicked on “Stop.”
  6. Since my downloads go to my desktop, I went there to find my new Gif file.
  7. I opened my browser and went to my post draft.
  8. Next, I selected “Add Media” and dragged my new Gif image in.
  9. When it was done uploading, I clicked “Insert Into Post.”

That’s all there was to it 🙂

But if I wanted to get fancier, I could have.

What if I wanted to annotate my Gif? No problem.

All I would have to do is complete steps 1-6 the double click the file. I’m on a Mac, so it opens in Preview as a bunch of slides. I add my annotations and save. Once that’s set, I finish off by completing steps 7-9.

What if I want to share my gif outside of WordPress? Well, for that I drag and drop my Gif file into my account on then share the link. It’s just that easy.