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Of Wind and Water

Disclaimer: You might want to mute the video before you start it — or perhaps, like me, you love the sound of wind (even if it’s slightly magnified by an iPhone microphone). The wind was so loud that day, Chris and I couldn’t hear each other talk as we walked into the wind. That was […]

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A Tale of a Turtle

This post is for those who want to take a step back from the chaos of life to view a slow-moving beautiful story. Of course, calling it a story at all is a bit grandiose of me. It’s how my mind perceived it. But here is the simple tale I saw. Once upon a time […]

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Inspirational Quote

It seems from the time my dogs are puppies they are continually trying to win my heart and I theirs. What a joyous relationship. Robert G. Wehle Wouldn’t it be amazing if we did that with all humans, too?   Imagine a culture where we were all trying hard to win each other over by […]

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Interrupting Lisbon Thoughts

April/May came and went overseas. Meanwhile, back at home, my favorite beach in the entire world disappeared!!!!     Now I’m going away for another month, and when I return, I expect everything to be put back just as it was when I initially left … 😉

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Tourist Tan

Who was walking everywhere, wearing sandals? 😉

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Wish You Were Fishing?

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Someone Loves Her Beach Time

And her dog does, too 🙂 Listen to Star’s excitement as we turn into the lane along the shore where she is about to walk. How cute is this? (It’s kind of how I feel when we drive there, too). And this is why we love it.

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First Tracks (on the beach)