The Mountain Minor

One of my favorite parts of my job is that I get to talk with people about their passions. When I’m helping someone optimize their website, I get to see creativity and dreams at their best. It’s so interesting and inspirational. A month or two ago I had a session with a person promoting a […]

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Highlighted Blog #3 — Mehrling Muse

My aunt is one of my favorite writers of all time so reading her work is always a treat. I’m soooo thankful she got into blogging so we can share her world. In her blog, she takes everyday happenings and invites the reader become part of the scene via her natural and humorous flow of […]

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Treasure in the Southern end of Appalachia

All we wanted to do was sit and relax and see their world at the other end of Appalachia… To our great delight, this is exactly what happened.