Smart Designs

My room on my last work trip was one of my favorites. The bed was super comfy, I had a lovely view of Orlando, and the design was pretty cool.

Although there were no labels anywhere, the room was set for accessibility. While I’m grateful that at this stage in my life, I don’t need the benches in the bathroom and such (as I have had to have in the past), I have to admit that I found the design worthy of images.

Having a bathroom one can hose down to clean is so smart. Yeah, I understand it’s built that way to help people in wheelchairs, but it’s still brilliant. And my favorite part? A closet right there in the bathroom.

My guess is that it wouldn’t be a great option in a home where things could mildew, but for traveling, when one doesn’t stay in one spot too long, it’s fantastic. Every time I showered, I opened my closet so my clothes could get some “ironing.”

I haven’t been that wrinkle-free in a long while. 🙂

And the coffee? It not only made great-tasting hotel coffee (usually I have to double up on the coffee bags to get a decent cup), but it made two at once. Or one. It was kind of a new experience for me, and I didn’t know if two would spew out if I set it to one, so I used two cups, but it was true to its advertising. Only one filled.

If Chris had been there, we could have enjoyed our coffee at the same time. So lovely.

Love it when people put just a bit more thought into the design of something.

Apple Watch Design Flaw

I discovered this in church, which was pretty awkward.

A huge Apple fan, I was super-psyched to get an Apple watch as a birthday/Christmas/anniversary gift. The thing is that we were traveling here and there, and I hadn’t really gotten around to my online meeting to learn about the watch. And I hadn’t much time to research it.

This didn’t worry me since I find Apple products to be incredibly intuitive. And for the most part it was. But then it happened. While I was in church, I heard some news I knew someone in my life would want to know so I texted it to him.

Confession. Yes, I text in church sometimes. I’m a terrible role model for my children.

I was okay with that conscious choice until a few minutes later when we were in the middle of prayer, and I realized that person might text me back. My phone was off, but I had no clue how to silence my watch (panicking, I forgot I could just throw it into sleep mode).


I did know to click the digital crown on the right side of my watch then to swipe from the bottom to the top to open my menu with battery percentage and such, but then I was stymied. See that little icon that looks kind of like this: (( [] )) ?

Well, that sure looked to me like an icon to put something on vibrate. Apparently it’s not. It’s a button to LOCATE a phone. Like even if your phone is on silent mode it will suddenly (and repetitively) start dinging loudly.

I tried to pretend it was someone else’s phone dinging, but my son betrayed me by dramatically turning and quirking an eyebrow at me. He is currently grounded 😉 jk.

Okay so this was bad enough, but as I checked it out more and looked it up, I realized that the icon above that one is the one that mutes the device. Say what? Not an icon three icons away? Nope. Right there on top so any time you want to be quiet, you have to be SUPER-duper careful to not let your finger slip and hit the shout-out by accident.

What’s up with that, Apple?

Themes, Art and Cyber Monday

Blogging 101

Life in our household is getting a bit competitive. In a fun way.

I’ve been the writer for the past 20 years, and yet my husband is putting me to shame on the blogging front. He’s the artist who hasn’t touched a computer seriously in decades. But now, he’s discovering that it’s kind of fun to write about his art. What inspired this? WordPress.

As he gets going on his art blog, he has inspired me to play with my own design and to update more. I love the look of my blog now. Getting to play with premium themes is a fun past-time for me. The great thing is that the Black Friday through Cyber Monday deal for includes a year or Premium themes with a Premium upgrade.

So here’s to a fun, creative year as Chris and I spend some of our leisure time playing with words and design.