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Miraculous Maeva

The last few weeks have felt like a massive roller coaster ride. As you know from a few of my previous posts, our latest grandchild had a tumor. The surgeons decided to wait until she was at around 36 weeks gestation before bringing her into the world using a cesarean section delivery. We were keeping […]


A New Reality

I kind of didn’t want to write about the Coronavirus. It’s filling our social media feeds and affecting all our lives, and it seems so overwhelming at times. Then again, it would be silly to go through this part of history and not document the experience. Twenty years from now when our lives are thriving […]



There are a lot of great perks that come with my job. Recently I discovered a new one that I’m particularly thankful for. We are allowed to expense subscriptions to mindfulness apps. I’ve dabbled in them in the past, signing up for trials, but never took them too seriously. Recently, however, I’ve been embracing the […]


Highlighted Blog #27 – Strong Fit Well

It’s always good to think about health and wellness. This blog I follow shows interesting studies and methodologies that remind me on the importance of good health. Whether it’s highlighting mediation on flights or dealing with work burnout, the blog is a fascinating read with insight on how to take little steps toward big health […]


The Keto Connection

A month ago I realized I had hit an unhealthy weight zone for the first time in my life. I’ve been playing on the border of my upper limit for a while, but was now 6.5 lbs over it. Super not good. My husband always makes me feel beautiful, but I was not happy with […]