Inspiration From Other WordPress Writers

A couple of nights ago I had the coolest dream. It awoke the writer within me in its lucidity. It was a fantasy story in which we had a superhero and friends overcoming villains as they literally flew through a world that was devoid of color. Amazingly, when one connected hands with the superhero, color seeped into the scene.

Of course, there is the moment upon wake-up where one analyzes where dream thoughts came from. I realized that I not only dream in color, but I also have the capability of dreaming in monochrome.

And my dream came from a book I had just read — written by my colleague, Carla, (it’s not published yet, but when it is, it will be a treat for all). And it was also from a series of posts I read on WordPress. They were written by Gun Roswell. An example of one is:

Travel in monochrome 2 — Rantings Of A Third Kind

“See the world in black and white, and a few greys too!” Gun Roswell Travel in monochrome When travelling around the world World, this nice round blue orb you were on to hurled Hurled, like a whirl wind out of the blue Blue, as is the colour of the sky’s hue Hue, derived from the […]

Travel in monochrome 2 — Rantings Of A Third Kind

I encourage you to read more from Love the regular postings with great images and awesome poetry.

As I’ve been pulled back into thoughts and explorations of story line that result from that dream, I’m once again amazed and inspired by all the WordPress community brings. Thanks Carla, Gun Roswell, and all the others that inspire. You make life so much richer.

The WordPress Community

Day 18/30 – I think I will forever be in awe of the WordPress community. Once again we gathered together for a WordCamp in Rochester. I think something was learned by everyone, and the day was incredible. There is just nothing like the WordPress community.


  • For November (the month in which we celebrate Thanksgiving in the US), I’m trying to blog about something for which I’m thankful for each day of the month.


Inspirational Friends

Day 10/30 – I have many friends who are inspirational, but today I’m going to highlight three.

One doesn’t have a website and just recently got her first smart phone. She has seven children, a job playing the piano for school musical offerings and is in charge of keeping the nursery at church staffed. Her goal in life? To have the freedom of schedule so she can be there to help anyone who is in need. Over the years, I’ve seen her cooking for the families of people who were hospitalized, weeding gardens for people who were not home for extended periods of time, babysitting, reading to shut-ins, etc. And it’s all under the radar. I only know about it because I’m part of her existence.

The second is Linda Stanek | Children’s Author, Teacher, Speaker. She is a children’s author, but also so much more. Her passion for animals permeates through every part of her being. She nurtures cats and fights to save elephants. I think I could read her Night Creepers a million times and never get bored.

And the third is Mary Beth Schewitz. She and her husband lived through every parent’s nightmare when their 20-year-old son died from an undetected heart condition, but they turned the negative into a positive by creating a non-profit (Max and the Wild Things) that bring screenings into schools to prevent the occurrence in other kids. There is a fabulous interview with her here.

These friends (and many more) inspire me on a regular basis to become a better person.

  • For November (the month in which we celebrate Thanksgiving in the US), I’m trying to blog about something for which I’m thankful for each day of the month.