Family thankful

Cyber Church

Day 26/30 – Today I’m thankful for the ability to attend church online. Or listen to podcasts. Cyber sermons are great in themselves, but I also love seeing my friends from my old neighborhood. For November (the month in which we celebrate Thanksgiving in the US), I’m trying to blog about something for which I’m […]

Family Moving

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. – Closing Time And on that note, we end our 25-ish years of owning a house in Houghton. We technically moved a year ago, but this past year has been filled with many trips back-and-forth as needs arose. Now it’s time to officially cut the cord. […]

Family travel

Another Son Heads to Utah

Aaaaah, the call of the mountains. CJ and Lauren raved about life out west so much that Zeb decided to give it a try. On Wednesday he headed out to work at Deer Valley (where CJ is a ski instructor, and Lauren works with housing). I’m proud of his willingness to venture away from the […]

Family Moving Technology

Flashback to the Seventies

For my developer friends. Who knows what this is? How many of you used this? My husband did. Oh the things we find in our move 🙂 I tried using it on my computer, but no-go. 😉