Thankful for my Goofy Husband

Goofy. Not Mickey. Haha 🙂 The company I worked for had a Grand Meetup in Orlando this year, and when I came home, my husband greeted me with this:


Know what it’s made of? My favorite — Ring Dings!!!! Is he the best, or what?!?!


**For the month of November each year, I try to focus on something I’m thankful for each day. It is the month that holds Thanksgiving where I live, after all. Focusing on the positive and remembering the little things that make life great is something I should do more often. If you want to see some blogs I’m thankful for, check out my main site, Word Quilt.

Have you Ever had a Ring Ding?

img_0024No, not a Swiss Roll or a Ding Dong. A real honest to goodness Ring Ding. Well, it’s one of my favorite things on the planet. I particularly like it frozen, and there is no substitute on earth for that perfect thickness of chocolate surrounding the ideal amount of cake and filling. (and no, I’m not getting any sort of payment to endorse this). Well, that’s what I’m thankful for today.

You see, I grew up loving Ring Dings. They were in all the stores on Long Island, where I spent my younger years. But to my dismay, they stopped selling them in western and northern NY, where I have lived the past 25+ years. When my husband traveled east, he would bring me back a box of Ring Dings as a treat. My parents sent me home with boxes when I visited.

Once I was so happy with my treat, I saved it for a month or two so I could enjoy some on my birthday. With steadfast resolve, I resisted temptation each time I drooled my way by the cabinet with my Ring Dings in them. When my b-day came, I eagerly ripped open the wrapper, and chomped into it only to discover that Ring Dings have an expiration date for a purpose. They mold. There was serious sadness in my household in that moment. I’m still a bit sad about it, to be honest.

But this year. This year was different. We were in a newish-to-us grocery store near our new home in northern NY, and from across the store, my husband thought he might be seeing Ring Dings in holiday packaging. Berating him for his cruelty, I sauntered over to prove him wrong, but he was right!

Better yet, we have been back to the store since the holidays and have found the treasures in regular packaging so it’s looking hopeful that they are here to stay.

When something is appreciated as much as my Ring Dings, the calories and sugar intake don’t count. Am I right?