Highlighted Blog #14 – Pyjammy dot Blog

Oh my goodness. Sometimes you just need to laugh, and that’s what Pam’s blog does for me. She is just so real!!! A mother of triplets and a colleague of mine, Pam never runs out of interesting observations on life. Day to day stuff she comments on. Kids, dogs, sewing, family, friends — she covers it all. She dares to say what some of us might just think, and with such forthrightness and wit, one can only admire.

* For the month of November (the month of Thanksgiving in the United States), I’m sharing  writing from some of the blogs I’m thankful for. If you want thankful posts from my own personal day-to-day stuff, check out my Inspired By and Thankful For blog.

A Quilt With a Story

I hope that someday you get to meet Jan. At least have somebody like her in your existence. She is amazing. And I am very fortunate to have her in my life.

I met Jan when I was a 16-year-old college freshman. She was 18. I don’t think you could find two more opposite people on the entire planet. In fact, we might not even have tried to get to know each other if it were not the fact that we were on a camping trip and thrown together in a two-person tent.

When you share a tent with someone for 10 days, you kind of get to know them. And we realized that we balance each other in a very unique way. After college we were fortunate enough to end up living in the same town and have remained the best of friends for the past almost-30 years. 

We celebrated our birthdays by making things for each other. I was a writer, and she enjoyed sewing, so one year I asked her to name some colors that she thought represented herself, her husband, Chris, and me. Using those colors, I wrote a children’s story for her about four pieces of fabric from different parts of the world that had their own journeys and ended up being tied together in a quilt.

The next year Jan gifted me with a quilt that she had made based on my story. She took those colors, found some fabric and made me a beautiful quilt. 

Now I know that I can use it to cozy up in, and it’s even washable. But I prefer to hang it on my wall behind my desk so I see it when I go to work every day. And when I am in video conferences, I see it as my backdrop on my screen.

It makes me incredibly happy, and reminds me how blessed I am to have a person like Jan in my life.