The Incredible Timing of Time With Friends

Looking over the past few years, today would have been the last day on the slopes for us this season. I’m wearing the shirt I generally wear while snowboarding in honor of the day, but in reality we’ve been off the slopes for almost a month now thanks to our stay-at-home status in New York […]


Thankful for Opening Day of Snowboard Season — In November!!!!

It’s November 17. Not even Thanksgiving, and Chris and I got to hit the slopes. Last year was less than stellar as I slipped a disc in my back on Valentine’s day and had to sit out the rest of the season (yes, I slipped it putting on my snowboard boots, which makes me not-quite-so-hard-core, […]

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From Snow to the Snows — in June

Our final full day in Utah was spent on the ski/snowboard slopes at Snowbird. Yes, it was June 10. Let me say that again. June 10. And we were at the slopes. Can you feel hear my heart beating faster? Oh the joy of that day! The altitude got to Chris a bit (on his fourth […]

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First time on the slopes at Greek Peak :-) so fun!

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Be Still My Soul