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Zeb’s Last Year as a Teen

Yeah, he was cute as a little guy (says this totally un-biased mamma). But he’s even more awesome now! How do kids do that? They just keep getting better and better… Anyway, I digress. Today is our Zebulon’s 19th birthday. And we are so thankful for him.   Zeb’s sense of adventure and eagerness to […]


Zeb Goes to College. Year Two.

I’m not sure why my heart feels like it’s so far away when he’s only 45 minutes in driving distance and has been gone all summer anyway. It was a lovely 24 hrs when he was home. I am proud of the man he is becoming.

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Winter is Coming. Back to Rock Band!

One of our favorite winter pastimes. Nothing like a night of Rock Band with the kids. Gotta tell you, we can do the Bohemian Rhapsody like pros!

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Find My Friends App – Yes, Your Mother is Watching…

This morning my son in college Skyped me, telling me that he had a new family-friendly electronic tool for me to write about. I was about five minutes ahead of him, having just downloaded it, which made me feel really good. That’s right, ladies and gents, the free Find My Friends app  is live and ready for […]

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Children and Budgeting

My 14-year-old has a credit card. There. I’ve admitted it. Not only does he have the card, but he knows how to use it. I know, I know. This is a controversial issue, but my husband and I are the type of parents that believe strongly in learning by immersion. We want our kids to […]