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First Tracks (on the beach)

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Robins in Early March

  Can you see it?  March 6 in western NY. Not a common sight for us at this time of year. If we can’t be on the hills snowboarding, we can at least enjoy the beauty and song of these creatures 🙂 There were a bunch of them. Here’s a close-up of one.  

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Be Still My Soul

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Happy Birthday to my Man

This is quite possibly one of the most temperate birthdays this February baby has ever had in his 53 (gasp!) years. And while we still have a few hours left to go, so far it’s pretty close to perfection. The plan was for him to have a Mario Kart marathon with Hudi, Zeb, Bri and Lauren, […]

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Introducing Henry

Once upon a very real time back in late January/early February, a glimpse of warmth appeared in our home. Outside winds blew, prolonging the brutal dip of our temps. But inside, a flurry of tiny little wings reminded us of warmth. It was sweet and endearing for about twenty seconds before thoughts of disintegrating clothes […]