How to Record a Call on Skype

How do you record a call that occurs over the Internet? As an interviewer, this was an important question for me. Through the years, I have done well using my Olympus digital recorder with regular telephone calls thanks to a really cool earphone/microphone piece, but recording a Skype call with it wasn’t quite as effective. In addition to the lack of sound quality, it was just one more item to pack when I hit the road. Surely there was a better answer…
Ask the Experts
If you read my blog regularly, you already know that I am greatly impressed by the podcast 350Third. Two guys from different states talk together to create the podcast recordings. I contacted them to see how they made their recordings so clear. The answer was simple – Call Recorder.
One thing you will learn about my family and me as these blog posts continue is that we are the ultimate tightwads. I appreciated the tip of Call Recorder, but it costs $20. That’s quite a chunk of change for me. Still, after much reflection (plus the knowledge that I could use it as a tax write-off), I bit the bullet. I did that last spring, and it’s a decision I have never regretted.
Record Calls for Home and Business
Call Recorder integrates seamlessly with Skype. When I do an interview, I ask for permission to record the conversation for my records then click on the record button. It’s just that simple. I can easily bookmark spots of interest, and I can easily record visuals as well as audio. If I ever figure it out, I can use the program for podcasts like the guys on 350Third. If I plan to do a vodcast, the tools are at my fingertips. Love it.
Business aside, the program is wonderful for personal home use.  I can record conversations with others as we plan parties long-distance. That way, I don’t have to worry about forgetting anything. If I want, I can take a person on a tour of my house via Skype, have them meet my family, then save the conversation and email it to them at a later date so they can feel as if they are a real part of our lives.
Call Recording is a simple way to keep track of conversations. I love that it doesn’t require any extra packing when I travel. All the records go into a folder on my desktop, which I label by the name of the person I talk with. Thanks for the tip @350Third!

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