The Little Drummer Boy VeggieTales Style

The following review and interview are written by my 12-year-old son after interviewing Mike Nawrocki via Skpye:
Hi, my name is Hudi, and I just interviewed Mike Nawrocki, Co-creator of VeggieTales and voice of Larry the Cucumber. I watched VeggieTales: Little Drummer Boy, and I had some questions about it.
What The Little Drummer Boy Veggie Tales DVD is About
In The Little Drummer Boy there was a little boy whose parents got taken away by some bad guys. He was forced to leave his home and all he had was his drum that his parents gave him and his animals. When he played his drums his animals danced. He ran into a entertainer guy who put him on stage and had him play his drum. The animals danced, and the crowd was amazed at how good a drummer he was. He felt bad, though.
He met the Magi (Larry thought they were the Jedi), and they were off to see Jesus. The entertainers sold the boy’s camel to the Magi before they left, following a star. The boy left the entertainers to follow the Magi so he could find them and get his camel back. He ran into shepherds who were being talked to by angels. They said a child was being born in Bethlehem, and he was the king. The boy followed the shepherds and found his camel and his parents, too.
Interview With Mike Nawrocki
Before the interview, I thought Mr. Nawrocki would be nice, and he was. He let me interview him even though I am twelve. He answered all my questions well, with lots of details. I asked what his favorite VeggieTales movie was, and he said his favorites are Pirates Who Don’t do Anything and The Rumor Weed. I asked why there haven’t been any Larry Boy movies recently and if they were planning on doing any soon. He said they are working on one now. It’s called Bumblyburg League of Heroes.
I think people from really young to grown-ups will like The Little Drummer Boy. It’s one of my favorite VeggieTales movies. It’s funny, and I liked the characters and story. My favorite part was when Larry thought the Magi were the Jedi, and he put the sand speeder on the camel.

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  1. Hudi, WOW! Your story is really cool. I can’t wait to get it when it comes out. I didn’t know you could Skype…maybe you and I could Skype sometime. Your cousin Johnny.

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