2015 Keshequa Prom at Swain

My son attends a virtual high school so he’s not part of the general high school flow. But he just got a chance to go to a prom anyway. Thanks Christina! Not only did he get to go, but he got to attend with a truly wonderful young woman who is a fabulous ski instructor. (Because that’s what really matters–and it could only be better if that switched to snowboard, but that’s a different story for a different day.)

I know it’s hokey, but it’s true. These kids are beautiful–outwardly and inwardly. The world is in good hands with the next gen if they are like these kiddos. It was a treat watching them prepare for a fun evening out. Hover over the pics for a narrative if you want. Or click on the first pic and scroll through. Whatever you want… 🙂

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