Caring for Others, as we all Should

The kids in my world are very inspirational. I was reminded of this as we packed up three vans and drove a group of teens to the west side of Buffalo where they joined other kids for a week of helping others. It was a church project, and it’s something that has happened annually for years. This year Chris and I got to go for a few days as well. The kids grab a breakfast at 8 am and by 9 they are in the vans heading off to worksites where they scraped and painted and got some houses ready for our harsh winters. In the evenings they ate together then had a service.

Yes, it was fun. They got to be together for a week, staying in a hotel. But it was also some pretty grueling work. The cool temps and torrential rains the first day didn’t pull the smiles off their faces, though. And they were raring to get back to the sites the next day.

In a world where the people in churches often make poor choices and where kids are seen in a negative light, this week was extremely refreshing. And I know from past experiences that the beautiful spirit of these kids thrives even after they are home. Truly inspirational.

While I was there that week, I read the following blog post that pretty much summed up what these kids were doing. And it reminded me of what I need to work a bit harder on:

This is a re-blog of a post from a blog I really enjoy following. It’s beautifully written and highlights one of my favorite songs. Thanks for posting it, John.

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