A Perfect Summer Day

Hudi playing the guitar

Hudi playing the guitarToday surrounding areas celebrated summer by holding town-wide yard sales. This coincided beautifully with a day off of work. We strolled around, iced coffee in hand, and wended our way through generations of people enjoying the beautiful weather and discounted goods. While we only came away with one pair of shorts (for a quarter), I found that the true treasure of the day was walking around with my husband and watching people interact with each other. So many smiles!

Now I’m sitting on the sun porch listening to my son play a song he learned on YouTube. Learning how to play the guitar is his latest hobby. Soon we’re off to a fish fry then perhaps we’ll catch the sunset at the beach. Who could ask for a more perfect summer day?

Hudi is learning to play the guitar.

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  1. What a fun day! Thanks for sharing it. At this moment, our house is not peaceful. John $ and Nathaniel are having a Nerf gun war, complete with shrieks and thuds interspersed with silence. You know there will be only a few moments of quiet before the next outburst. It isn’t peaceful, but it is satisfying to hear these two having an exciting afternoon without leaving the house.

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