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Sleep – Poetry Day 3

It’s time to think deeply about sleep. Dive into the pool of night and let whatever it is you find there take poetic form. (I hope this prompt doesn’t make an insomniac out of you!)

Evolve into
Epic tales as my physical momentum is put on

*This post is part of the Poetry 101 course from the WordPress Blogging University. 

16 comments on “Sleep – Poetry Day 3

  1. A brilliant acrostic…it’s perfect!!

  2. Wow thats the only thing I can say. Wonderfully crafted

  3. Beautiful poem.

  4. This is really nice and witty!

  5. Almost drifted off while reading this. I think it was the word soft lullaby 😉 I like it.

  6. I am not an appreciator of poetry, but that was really fun.

  7. 🙂

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