24 Years of Marriage With my Man

IMG_20151228_153247630Right about now, 24 years ago, I was standing in a church (not lounging on a couch next to a cozy Christmas tree) doing the “I do” thing with a most amazing man. What a great move that was!

We met while playing pool with friends.  I was 17 and he was 26. He told me he was going to marry me the first time we met. I laughed then, but look who’s laughing now. 🙂

As our kids are hitting the ages where we tied the knot, I look back on our years together. And on the marriages of those in our lives who are happiest together. What have we learned? What advice would I offer?

  • Be stubborn. We had some tough bumps initially and had a bit of growing up to do, but we were too stubborn to quit, and I think it saved us in the long run. Now we know we will stick together through anything.
  • Cherish the love. (Anyone just get a 1980’s song running through their head? 😉 ) But seriously. Love is a gift. When you are lucky enough to find it, embrace it. Don’t let schedules and other agendas/people pull you apart.
  • Remember that no relationship — no matter how perfect it seems — is more than two weeks away from divorce/separation. That’s my favorite piece of advice, and it came from a happily married mother of a friend. So wise! Like anything else worthwhile, relationships need to be cultivated and not taken for granted.

I hope that someday in the future, my kids can celebrate 24 years with their spouses, and like me, pray that’s only the beginning of many more years together.

Thanks for making my world so blessed and wonderful, Chris. I love you!



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