Papa Doug

DougIn a world where families are constantly ripped apart, I was blessed with three, yes three, amazing grandfathers.

Leon and John were blood grandfathers who died several decades ago. And Doug, the third one, and technically a step-grandfather,  died this week. I learned about it on Facebook when my cousin Audrey wrote:

Papa told the doctor he was going to go to heaven today … and that’s just what he did. Dearly loved by so many. Patriarch of an amazing family. Leaver of a wonderful legacy.

The image is from Audrey, too. And she is right. A legacy it is. One of faith and love. Our family is humungous. And really confusing. My dad seriously is his own cousin. Yet Papa Doug and my Grandma Joy took it upon themselves to travel around to visit everyone for as long as they were able. When I had surgery, they were there checking up on me. They called and messaged my kids, and I know they had an extensive prayer list they kept up even when they were physically no longer able to travel.

I loved family reunions where I could witness the love not only between them, but also for the extended family.

They were/are great role models, and I hope I am like that for my family. Papa Doug will be missed by so many. Yet I know he is happy beyond all happiness in Heaven. The crowd of people I love is getting bigger and bigger in that alternate dimension.

I hope I leave a legacy of faith and love like Papa Doug.




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  1. I’m so sorry for the loss for your family of this great man. It sounds like your grandparents served as great role models. May they celebrate in heaven with all the joy in the world that they made such a happy, blessed family.

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