A House Rule

The other day my Uncle John sent me an email regarding a job he would never want. I immediately knew it would be a dream job for my husband and all three boys.

I wrote back to Uncle John saying:

Unfortunately, I think all my guys would love that. Our house rule is that they can do what they want (being as careful as they can) but they can’t tell me about it until they are home and alive enough to tell me the tale. I started that rule with Chris–before the kids were born.

What is one of your unique house rules? Please do share!

5 thoughts on “A House Rule

  1. If that’s something they would like, there is seriously good money to be made in that career. It is a hazardous, specialized job (hence the pay) but when appropriate precautions are taken it can be done quite safely. There’s lots of travel, and may be days waiting for weather to be favorable, but every tower guy I’ve met seems to enjoy the job.


  2. Oh my! I do not think I could even climb a quarter of the way up that pole. I know your boys would be all over it. I am sure the view is out of this World! 😉


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