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Happy 17th Birthday, Hudi!!!

So how did this:

Hudi 2001.png

Become this?


We love you so much, Hudi! And we are so proud of the awesome young man you are. You are a great gift from God. Happy Birthday!

Scan 5.png


6 comments on “Happy 17th Birthday, Hudi!!!

  1. I just looked at my son (who is not 17 yet but now a teenie too) and started wondering where my little boy went… his shoulders are suddenly so much wider, his body seems so much stronger, so much more grown up…

    • Chrissie

      It’s incredible how that happens, right in front of our eyes. And they keep getting even more amazing as they grow. What a gift kids are to our world.

  2. laurie

    so love the pics – you guys are such blessings of joy

    • Chrissie

      Thanks for being part of our journey 🙂

  3. Wow! What a transformation! Happy birthday!

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