From Three to Twenty-Three, Our CJ

3-to-23Twenty-three years ago a little being came into our existence. The labor was so tough I barely understood the plot of the animation I tried to watch after he was born.

Now that I look back, it cracks me up that I was watching this the day my game-maker son with an obsession for trains was born.


The boy was also born for music. He used to cry uncontrollably between songs on the tape cassette. And he was only a week old! It’s not terribly surprising that he is marrying a voice major.

One of my favorite parts of being a Mom is seeing the brother-bond in action. Look how they have grown!


Zeb and Hudi pulled a switcharoo in that bottom image, though.

Now that CJ is growing up and has moved across the country, I’m all-the-more thankful for our technological ties. He Facetimes us from chairlifts so we can vicariously enjoy his surroundings on the slopes, and he keeps in touch with texts, Snapchats and video messages.


CJ, you are certainly a treasure, and you know we thank God for the amazing young man you are. We are truly proud of you and hope your life is filled with all the wonders you deserve. Love you always! Happy Birthday!


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  1. 🙂
    Love the pictures and stories!
    Happy birthday, CJ. You have grown up to be quite the man. I miss seeing you and talking with you.

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