There’s something that has been bothering me for a while. Every time I go to write a post now, I realize that I’m breaking some cardinal writing rules, and it bugs me. Any good writer knows that you have a theme, and you don’t divert from that theme.

So tell me now, what do my images of the beach and snow, my days on the slopes and my thoughts on moving and life in general fall into the theme set up by my site? One can be very kind and state that I use technology to create my posts, and my family can read about these experiences (if they aren’t part of them already). But in reality the answer to the question about how my posts fit in in with my blog theme is:

They don’t.

As many of your readers know, the empty nest thing hit hard and fast in 2016. Although its point of impact was back in June, I’m just starting to really accept my new playing field in life. It’s time for some changes. Starting with this blog.

It’s been TechieFamily for years. I started it back in a day where I would get looked down upon by other parents because I encouraged my kids to embrace technology, and I wrote about ways we used technology to strengthen our family bond. But guess what? This isn’t necessary anymore. My site is passé.

The sad reason?

I no longer have kids in my house on a regular basis.

The happy reason?

The world woke up to this. And now we see a ton of family bonding thanks to gadgets.

Just as I was realizing that this site should probably retire, the amazing company I work for — Automattic, Inc (the company behind, Jetpack and other products) gifted us with .blog urls.

So now I’m Part of me isn’t totally thrilled with that url (even though  I chose it). It seems a bit ego-centric. But at least that will be a constant as long as I live. And the blog is a conglomeration of my own thoughts and ideas so I guess I should face up to the fact that it is okay to be egocentric sometimes.

In the spirit of my new adventures, I’m working on a new site, in addition to this one. That site has two urls. and They both lead to the same page and will highlight (interestingly enough) things I’m thankful for or inspired by. Hope you like them. Feel free to follow 🙂 Or even contribute. That would be awesome.




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    • Until I get more content in there, you have to scroll down to the bottom of the page. There is a Follow button. Lmk if you can’t find it.

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