Complete and Utter Chaos


I think the game Chaos is sadistic. But some of my family members love it so I play. It’s probably good for me, helping me work on my memory.

Have you ever heard of it? Chaos is a board game from 1970.

It’s basically checkers. With up to four people. With identical pieces, and you have to figure out (in theory–keep track of) which pieces are yours.

Players are assigned a color, but the color is hidden on the underside of a piece. You can’t flip the piece until it’s in the home zone across the board from where you started. If you move someone else’s piece, they can call you on it, and you lose a turn. Oh, and you can’t move your pieces past the halfway point of the board until all the pieces are out of your home zone.

While I somewhat dread playing the game since I’m incredibly bad at it, I do have to admit then on the rare occasion when I do win (or even come in as a close second) I feel incredibly smart for a few minutes. It’s quite gratifying.

Last night I was doing all right. I came in last place on our first game, but was respectably close to everyone else. On the second game I lost first place by one move, so I was feeling pretty awesome. As an evening topper, I knew where all my pieces were on our third and final game. Or so I thought. I hit the home zone and discovered that it was someone else’s piece and mine was aaaaaaalllllllll the way across the board.

Extreme sadness.

But that’s the thing. Everyone gets a chance to shine. Systems win and fail. Jumps soar you across the board in one shot, or you can get gridlocked.

No matter what, it’s always utter Chaos.

While I would still prefer playing a word game, I have to admit that the evening was enjoyable. I found a video on how it’s played:

5 responses to “Complete and Utter Chaos”

  1. I don’t think I would allow this game to come in the house. If I had to play, I’d comfort myself that it would make everyone else look brilliant.

    • Love it. That’s pretty much what I do. I wait until I see which ones they all are moving then figure the rest must be mine ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  2. Oh, I’d probably go bonkers trying to keep track. You’re a great sport. Give me a good old trivia or word related game anytime! lol

  3. […] with his friends. At home we had the rare treat of spending solo time with our daughter-in-law. Are a few games of Chaos, I got to splay Scrabble with her. Nobody plays that with me live (although I’m thankful for […]

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