Thankful for Snow

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IMG_1093.jpgDay 14/30 – I know, I know. This one is controversial. And my apologies to those of you who absolutely detest it.

While I never abhorred snow, I did dread it at one point of my life (in my years before learning to snowboard). White, white, white. And cold. It never ends, right? I get that.

So we incorporated a house rule. If we got over 3 inches of snow, I got a shot of Drambuie 😉 That helped a ton by giving me something to be happy about as snow fell (there is so much power in psychology). Then things got even better as I learned to snowboard and enjoy being in the elements.

Mild understatement. I now LIVE for winter.

Yesterday I was reading a La Nina Outlook and became super-psyched. I’m in blizzard zone 🙂

    • Work-from-home job (no commute) but flexible work hours? Check
    • Season passes to a resort for snowboarding? Check
    • Drambuie? Check

Bring it on! I’m ready 🙂

  • For November (the month in which we celebrate Thanksgiving in the US), I’m trying to blog about something for which I’m thankful for each day of the month.


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  1. There’s nothing controversial about what you’re thankful for . . . but I know what you mean. We keep traveling during winter–and I love traveling–but I am also missing a cold, dark winter. I think I could use some time hibernating!

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