Family Movie Time

Day 25/30 – Today we celebrated Christmas since our kiddos won’t be here on Christmas. As a general family tradition, we gift the kids with a movie set, which we enjoy all day while snacking on junk food. This year we couldn’t think of a set to get, so we switched it up.

We asked each person (who wanted to) to share a film to watch then we rented it. It has been a resounding success so far, with each person willing to contribute (although two voted on the Christmas Carol one). And we started last night so we could watch around work schedules.

Our lineup has been/will be:

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Ice Age: Collision Course
The Lego Movie
A Christmas Carol: The Musical
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Wonder Woman.

I am thankful for these fun traditions and the way they change but don’t disappear as the kids grow up.

  • For November (the month in which we celebrate Thanksgiving in the US), I’m trying to blog about something for which I’m thankful for each day of the month.

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