What’s in a Name?

pexels-photo-204997.jpegTotally random post. I am a Chrissie. Married to a Chris. Daughter of a Chris. And to make things more fun, I’m a 46-year-old Chrissie, which doesn’t seem like it should be a factor, but it is.

You see, I’ve noticed an interesting thing with my name. People don’t seem to accept it on average. Even when I was twenty, people thought I should be a Chris or a Christine. I was a professional writer, and I submitted my work under the name Chrissie Pollock. It was regularly switched on publication to Chris Pollock. And everyone congratulated my husband on his research. Not cool. So professionally I became Christine. But why would I have to do that?

It’s not just about females and the “ie,” either.

Or maybe it *is* something about the eeeeeeee sound that people can’t handle. I remember one time when my son Hudi (pronounced Hooo-deeeee) came home from school telling me that his teacher refused to call him by his known name. Instead he would call him by his birth name, Hudson. I was not happy. Why can’t people just call others what they want to be called?

The last few months have shown a change in the game. For some reason, people are now starting to call me Christy. I’m not certain why. I just find it interesting. Thoughts?

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  1. whY ChristY? I’s got a Y on the end of it.

    How do you feel about being Christy? If you like it, I’m all for it. The reason is, all the Christys I’ve known were super people. They were intelligent, lovely, gracious, interesting, and compassionate. You could lead the bunch.

    If you decide to let the name stick, please let me know. In a matter of months I trained myself to call my grandson Nathaniel instead of Nate. I’m sure I could shorten your name easily.

    • I’m so not a Christy. Cricket might do…. 😉 For you. So funny about Nate. He got really upset with me once when he was younger, and I accidentally called him that. Lise placated him by explaining it was a natural mistake since Nate could be a nickname for Nathaniel. Glad to know it’s official now so I can call him that.

      • Two years ago the boy introduced himself to neighbor Marla as Nathaniel. I asked him later about it, and he said that is what he prefers to be called. That’s when I changed his name in my head. It wasn’t easy, especially since the name is so long.

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