Hudi's Graduation

The kid rushed into the world. A few weeks early and ready to face anything life threw at him. In a very laid-back sort of way. He started framing jokes when he was three, having us all rush to see the “bat I found in the yard” only to keel over with laughter when we spotted the baseball bat rather than the flying mammal we all expected. The moment seemed like yesterday, but in reality, on my real yesterday, I watched a young man walk across a stage to get a diploma as he achieved an Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts from Finger Lakes Community College at the age of 18. Yeah, I’m kinda proud of him.
Moment of pause as I buck up and remind myself I’m not a tearing-up-sort-of-soul.
As strangely as life moments happen, this is the image that got me:
Hudi Grown Up
How funny is that?
Credits to my husband, Chris, who took the shot. I looked at it and couldn’t fathom how my little blond/brunette little guy had turned into a dark-haired man. Look at the shoulders. Look at the stature. Confident and poised. And no longer a child.
But my boy with the Joie de Vivre is in there still.
Mollie's at his back
I particularly love that photo, because I know the joy in his eyes came as he shared the moment of achievement with his girlfriend Mollie, and with his grandma.
When we arrived, we didn’t see Hudi immediately in the procession, but we were ready for the ceremony:

They spelled Hudson’s name correctly in the programme, which I feel is always a bonus.
Name on Program
In a somewhat scary dose of reality, Hudi commented later that eight of the initial 40 in his class made it through to gradation in the same field.
The diploma ceremony was one that would make any parent proud.

The day was a gift. When we left home (two hrs away) it was 48F/8.8C and pouring rain. By the time we were celebrating with dinner it was 72F/22.22C and sunny.
We took serious images:

Then again, in other images, we forgot we were posing and our natural selves came through.

We also met some of the amazing professors who influenced our son in a positive way:
Hudi and Professors
We are very thankful to them and other amazing people at Finger Lakes. The school has done us well with both CJ and Hudi.
Mollie and Hudi were all packed so after the ceremony we went out to a favorite Indian cuisine restaurant they knew about. Flavors was a treat for all of us.

Then the kids went on their way to their apartment where they being their new adventures as Mollie continues her education in biochemistry at Brockport, and Hudi goes on for a BS in Business at Brockport. He began a new job today at a country club, working as a banquet chef. My mama’s heart is bursting with pride.
(I feel pride is a bad thing, but does it count when you feel it for someone else?)
Mom Pollock took the day in stride, and it was such a treat to have her with us. Mor Mor and Poppi couldn’t make it, but they were in our hearts, and we shared experiences by text. Star was super happy to be traveling with Grandma. Her best friend. Here they are once again:
Mom and Star Best Friends
On the way home, CJ and Lauren called on Facetime, trying to reach Hudi, and thinking we were with them. Our sweet dog, who traveled with us, heard their voices and got excited. So I got this picture, which I think is kind of fun:
Star hears CJ and Lauren
Hudi, I love you so much!!! And Mollie, thanks for being you. We love you, and your love for our son, too.
If you are into it, here’s a full summary for the whole day:


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    • That was so funny. I was talking with them and felt something funny on my shoulder. Turning around, Star’s face was there. I’m certain she was drawn by their voices. They couldn’t see her since their connection was weak so I took the screenshot to share with them then figured I could share it with everyone 🙂

  1. So fun and so excellent! Loved the narrative and especially loved all the photos. Congratulations to Hudi!

  2. What a gorgeous, stupendous day for all of you!! And if you can’t be a proud mama on this day, you’d have to be made of stone, so of *course* you’re proud of him! Yay for your handsome Hudi! This is how hard work pays off. <3

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