Goldenrod in the Berkshires
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Back to School

Are you finding your social network feeds filled with kids going back to school and off to college? I am, and I’m loving it. Recently, a friend asked how my summer was wrapping up. Laughing, I responded that life is going so fast recently I hadn’t realized it was summer.  🙂

But I see it’s true. The leaves are changing color, and the Goldenrod heralds the incoming of autumn. 

Goldenrod in the Berkshires
Goldenrod in the Berkshires

It reminds me of a time when the kids were small (although that was my perception of summer in reverse), and we basically lived on the beach one summer while visiting with my in-laws. That year felt like an endless summer. I didn’t realize things were changing until they told me I had limited flavor selection at the commissary where I get ice cream.

Leaves changing color
Summer slips into Autumn in northern NY

Now that the kids are older, we don’t have to tuck our travels into certain months and weeks. Perhaps that’s how I missed summer this year (although I thoroughly enjoyed each day of it). And we had such a nice spring, beach time came in April/May so there were lots of opportunities to swim and enjoy the sand.

Yet now that the leaves are starting to change, and the calendar tells us it’s time to prepare for winter, we’re slogging around in 31-32 C/ 88-90 F temps.

No wonder I’m confused.

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  1. We have only tiny hints of autumn in the Carolina mountains. Thank goodness the heat was slow in coming here, and I hope it leaves just as quickly.

  2. It’s been a super-hot summer up here in Montreal! I’ve had my A/C going almost non-stop (my last electricity bill was double!!). Even today, we got a ‘heat warning’ and it’s just stifling outside with the humidity… Yet It’s September 5th! I can remember going to school decades ago, and it was *chilly* by now! Climate change is very real!!

    • I’m three hrs from you and have the same weather generally. I do well with small fans at my desk and when I’m sleeping. Keeps the costs down and fresh air coming in. But then again, I don’t live in the city, so maybe the air is not as fresh there. I’m freezing today at 58F/14.4C.

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