A Quarter Century With CJ

Today we celebrate 25 years of a beautiful addition to our planet. Doctors told us it wouldn’t happen, and if a child were to come into our existence, there could be major complications. Yet 25 years ago, on a beautiful Saturday morning, a healthy CJ entered the world, to our delight.

You know those Hallmark moments where the parents gaze in awe at their perfect newborn child? That didn’t totally happen. After hours of back labor and some complications that were a bit intimidating, CJ entered the world. We turned exhausted eyes to our newborn progeny and watched as he opened one eye as if he didn’t care enough to open two eyes, then gave us the bird.

What a way to enter the world.

Now that we have gotten to know him, we realize the one-eye thing was probably due to the fact that it was morning, and he wasn’t quite ready to wake up. The bird? Well, even now I would say that was a bit out of character for him, but it made quite the initial impression.

When a parent things holds a child in their arms, there is a dream that develops. For me, it was to rear a child who could stand on his own taking on whatever life threw at him and contributing back in a positive manner.

CJ, you have far exceeded our hopes for this. Not only do you take on the world comfortably, but you you inspire us with your passion for faith, family and dreams as you pursue your world in music and tech. We are so proud of you and love you so much.

Happy 25!

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  1. Happy Birthday CJ! Chrissie, you and I both know the joys of parenthood. And it goes fast, I can tell you! Enjoy these days and years! 😀

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