Highlighted Blog #2 – Travels with Callie

If I ever need a smile, I hit this blog. I don’t personally know the author, but I love her writing style and images. She travels around the country, and her cat travels with her. Callie is the cat.

On the return trip from attending a wedding in Poulsbo, Washington, Lara got out her ukulele and we harmonized to the song called- You Are My Sunshine and it became painfully obvious that Callie does not like to hear me sing. She will run up to me and ask me to stop and will even […]

via You Are My Sunshine — Travels with Callie

* For the month of November (the month of Thanksgiving in the United States), I’m sharing  writing from some of the blogs I’m thankful for. If you want thankful posts from my own personal day-to-day stuff, check out my Inspired By and Thankful For blog.

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