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One of my favorite parts of my job is seeing all the different sites people create. Sometimes I’m helping someone with a site. Other times someone shows me a site as an example of what they are looking for, and still other times I chance across sites in the Reader. So I get to see tons of sites every day. Serious job perk.

Once in a while a site will jump out for me as this one did so I have to start following it. I love the writing style of this author, and the posts are well thought out, interesting reads that highlight areas of life to think about. The author is very relatable.

On her About page, the author writes:

I write fiction that explores the relationships we share with people we didn’t get to choose, and what happens when we try to live with (or without) them.
As a person of faith, I want to tell stories that are both honest about life as it is and hopeful about life as it can be. While they probe the painful realities of being human in a broken world, my novels aren’t the work of a cynic because I can’t afford to be one.


How can one not love that? Here’s a snippet of her latest post, shared from my Reader:

In an earlier post, I wrote about how I’m intentional about filling my creative well during the day, whether by noticing visual art at my local coffee shop, listening to podcasts on interesting topics, or reading a few pages of a novel before bed. It’s creative input, and it helps me stay connected to right-brain…

via Going Input-Free or How to Stay Creative and Sane — Hannah Vanderpool

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    • Aw, thanks. I was trying to protect your privacy when I showed the different ways I get to see sites. I definitely remember helping you, and I love your site!

  1. And what a kind and thoughtful person you must be. I have neglected my fellow bloggers and will try to do better. It is a pleasure to check out your reviews and muses of the day.

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