Highlighted Blog #10 – Beauty Beyond Bones

I don’t know how to explain my connection to this blogger and her blog. In fact, I don’t remember how I became aware of her site.  At one point she blogged about a place that was connected to where my children work, so maybe I felt the human connection there, but her story and my appreciation of her goes beyond that. I love following her. She is inspirational, real, amazing, and someone I’d vote for if she ever ran for anything. Life tried to knock her down as she dealt with an eating disorder, but she turned it into a blessing for others as she shares her faith and fortitude in overcoming obstacles life throws at her. Sometimes she talks about dating. Other times she covers great recipes or thoughts on faith. It’s all great stuff. She has a unique writing gift that makes each reader/comment-write on her site feel like they are her good friend. Someday, I would love to meet her in real life.

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