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Sooooo, if you ever see me running, you had better start running, too. It means something is seriously amiss in life. That said, I do make an effort to keep fit in other ways. For me, it’s walks on the beach (no–not a dating site commercial. I’m happily married. Just reality.) But Erica inspires me.

I’ve attended her yoga sessions in the past, and really appreciate the way she encourages people to exercise at their own level. And her passion for the topic of exercise really shines proves and inspires. While I might not walk the same path she does, I feel there is hope at my own level.

While I want to be in shape a bit, I have a variety of physical limitations that dictate I will never be a cross-fit queen. Not gonna lie. I’m okay with that. Erica told me about this site which helps me at my own level, with my own goals. So helpful.

The thing is that I love following her site because it’s real. And she reminds me of the joy of exercise. Her insights are relatable no matter what level of fitness you might be.

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