Highlighted Blog #16 – The Humane Gardener

Nature is something I appreciate, but I have to admit that I don’t particularly study it. I just love it. One of the reasons I love the Humane Gardener is that it opens my eyes to the contributors to the natural art I appreciate. And shows how general human thoughtlessness might out the simple joys in jeopardy.

Human physiological responses to what Blomberg calls the “audible trash” of planes, trains, automobiles and machinery include hearing loss, elevated heart rates and blood pressure, sleeplessness and decreased mental focus. Not surprisingly, evidence of similar effects on wildlife is mounting, too. A recent study in New Mexico linked manmade noise to reduced egg hatching in western bluebirds.

 – http://www.humanegardener.com/lets-go-make-quiet/

For the month of November (the month of Thanksgiving in the United States), I’m sharing some of the blogs I’m thankful for. If you want thankful posts from my own personal day-to-day stuff, check out my Inspired By and Thankful For blog.

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