Highlighted Blog #23 – Linda Covella

Love learning about your favorite authors? And want to know more about some great historical fiction novels for young adults? This is a wonderful blog filled with great author interviews and other goodies.

For the next few weeks, my guests for “10 Questions” will be historical fiction authors. This genre is one of my favorites. Generally, a novel is considered historical if it takes place at least 50 years ago. Under the historical fiction “umbrella,” you’ll find a variety of subgenres, including multi-period epic/saga, romance, mystery, adventure, westerns, […]

via 10 Questions with Author Gina Danna — Linda Covella, Author
  • For the month of November (the month of Thanksgiving in the United States), I’m sharing some of the blogs I’m thankful for. If you want thankful posts from my own personal day-to-day stuff, check out my Inspired By and Thankful For blog.

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