Highlighted Blog #25 – Amber Colored Glasses

I even love the tagline of this blog. Amber Colored Glasses – Fumbling through parenthood with my rosiest outlook. Isn’t that great? The author shares life stories in a relatable way. The post highlighted below is a perfect example of capturing parenthood on paper/screen.

Traveling alone with children is a feat in and of itself. When it’s over, you’re ready for a real “vacation”. On our latest adventure, so many unexpected things took place…

via Bon Voyage! The Adventures of Traveling Solo With My Kids — Amber Colored Glasses

  • For the month of November (the month of Thanksgiving in the United States), I’m sharing some of the blogs I’m thankful for. If you want thankful posts from my own personal day-to-day stuff, check out my Inspired By and Thankful For blog.

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  1. Thank you for sharing, Chrissie! I’m glad you enjoy my blog and what a great way to end a Thanksgiving holiday weekend- hearing that you are thankful for it♥️. I appreciate you 🙏.

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