Highlighted Blog #30 – Art and Soul Space

As I wrap up November’s highlighted blogs, it’s been interesting to see what holds appeal for me. I learned a bit about myself and encourage you to read over of lists of sites you follow. It was a treat reading the list, seeing how many people I connect with. People who take the time to write and share and make life a better place for others.

It seems like Art and Soul Space – connecting with the heart of creativity is a great closure for the month. The blog is a nice balance of great imagery, poetry, art and introspect. Hope you like it as much as I do.

The Opposite of Anxiety I’m breaking my own rules. Best kind to break. Instead of waiting an entire whole year to share another ‘Late Middle-Aged to Early-Old Crazy Art Lady’ adventure, here’s a tale for you a mere two weeks since the last episode. It’s because I can’t resist shouting from the rooftops about Uluru and […]

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