Reflections on Breathing

Breathing. One of those super-simple things that is hard to do. But, oh, the clarity it brings. I am truly relaxing for the first time in a super long time, and I am able to focus on breath and thought. It’s actually kinda hard — some of the things I have time to think about now are things I don’t really want to face. But I know it’s good in the long run.

Inhala exhala

~Jane the Virgin

I did a lot of inhaling and exhaling as I attended a keynote and additional session with Millana Snow at our recent Grand Meetup. During the sessions we did deep breaths normally then made the breaths even deeper by basically inhaling past the inhale then exhaling. I relaxed.

Getting ready for our Deep Breathing session.
Getting ready for our Deep Breathing session. Phones away shortly.

I saw colors moving in odd yet interesting forms. My senses were heightened. (It’s interesting to do a deep inhalation session with 800+ of your colleagues who all stay in the same hotel. Quite a whiff of the hotel shampoo. Good thing I liked it.) I felt parts of my body I had forgotten existed. And I created and sorted.

Conversations danced through my head, nudging the question “What if” to the forefront of my brain. And you writers out there know this: a decent “What if” is always followed by a good story. Am I right?

Stories swirled, and my mind whirled, and I stood up thinking about the world differently.

I believe in energies, but I don’t think in this particular instance the breathing and energy were the key components to advancement. Testing will occur in my future, I’m sure, but at this point, my thought is that the growth and insight that came to me in that time were results of simply allowing myself to relax, while awake, for a session focused on mental freedom.

I can do this from home. I just need to remember how effective the outcome is. This is a very good lesson, and something I should take the time to do throughout the year. Lie down for 60-90 minutes and simply breathe. Nice, deep breaths. Let time, obligations and phone notifications rest in an alternate reality for the hour-and-a-half. The world will keep rotating, astonishingly. At the other end, life is a bit more clear.

It all reminds me of how I have felt in the past in regard to Bible study and prayer time (basically the same meditation I refer to above). I know I’m solid in the God-arena so it’s easy it push off that quiet time, especially when I’m busy and tired. But when I don’t take time to step back and breathe my life starts falling apart. Work gets overwhelming, relationships become strained, etc. The busyness of my reality takes over in a very non-healthy manner.

However, if I take the time to study, consciously breathe and pray, somehow things always seem to fall in place. So why is it so easy to have that slip? I’m not sure I will ever figure that out.

Breathe in

Breathe Out

Pray in

Pray out

Oh look, almost a reflection 🙂

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience of renewing yourself with deep breathing. That must have been very impressive to do it in a huge group. Now you are doing it alone with good results. Too often we push through our busy lives without deep thinking.

  2. Beautiful, Chrissie. A wonderful reminder to breathe mindfully as they say. It forces us to let our minds go free, free to relax!

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