Thankful for Sunny Summer Mornings

I hope you can hear the birds chirping and the lawn mowers running in the background in the video below. As you can see, the sun is creating. all sorts of shadows in the leaves while pinpointing other leaves with brightness. I love waking up to that!

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  1. What a fine and dandy idea to write posts ahead to be released at a busy time! I don’t think I have a gene for that, so I’ll look forward/backward to see what all you have/will come up with. I’ve just walked to the creek and came home to see the temperature is now 31 F. Seeing your summer video was almost a stretch of the imagination.

    • Ha! I bet that was a shock to the system. I really love the blog scheduling option. And am thankful I did that (see what I did there in my thankful month? ;). ) I had forgotten I scheduled the posts and am at an event that’s pretty busy. It escaped my notice that November arrived until I got your comment. Yay for the scheduling!!!

  2. As I write this, Chrissie, about half a million people here in Montreal are without power – we’ve been having a windstorm, trees uprooted, rain soaking everything to the gills, and now I see your “ohh isn’t it lovely and sunny, birds singing, tra la la…” LOL!!

    • So sorry you are having a rough go of it. We have that weather on the east coast, too. I had to take a last-minute day off last week because we lost electricity end even my phone went out so I couldn’t tether. Wild stuff. I’m glad I wrote about the green, sunny stuff so we can all remember the nicer days.

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