Summer Nights With Friends Part 2

There are some special friends in life. Super gifts. The ones that you don’t see for a decade or more and pick up right where you left off the next time you meet — as if it were yesterday. Friends like my college roommate, Lauren and her husband Tim.

Life is busy for us all. Lauren and Tim live about 45 minutes from us, and each time we get together we start planning our next connection. We take turns canceling and rescheduling as life comes along, usually managing to get together for real about 3-4 times a year (if we are lucky).

As noted at the bottom of this, for this month am writing things I’m thankful for, and I scheduled some of theses post a while ago. The images here are the ones I had scheduled to go out today. However, when I looked at my post, I figured I’d share a bit more of the magic.

This night in July was perfect. I finished my last half-hour of live chat support at their house while the guys and Lauren perfected a grilled steak dinner. The taste and texture of the food were perfect, and we relaxed on their deck enjoying the sounds and smells of summer as we caught up on each others’ lives.

We debated continuing our relaxation there, or heading over to a beach area for a sunset. Chris and I had not been to that particular beach so we decided to venture out. I’m so glad we did. The sunset was gorgeous (when are they ever not?) then we strolled around a cute little town and watched people having fun on some rides.

While indulging in some amazing ice cream treats, we walked along the shore and yakked a bunch more.

It was one of those occasions where you realize how blessed you are in everyday life. It truly is a gift, and the entire evening was a great memory.

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  1. Caught your WP Coffee Talk segment yesterday, a busy lady you are. Did weather in USMC back in the ’60s, (Upper winds were my specialty) Almost went to Kansas to work with NWS, became a Trooper in CT instead and worked in all kinds of the stuff, weather that is. I am looking forward to all your thank fulls. I Journal, every day since 09/14/14, started with a creative writing class back then. I’m inspired by your blog to put my (Thank Fulls) there. Between you and Anne, I feel I know your family well. Today I’m thankful for what I call my, 394. That’s three children, nine grands, and four greats. I could do one a day and check off 16 days. No, that would feel like cheating, perhaps attributes.

    FYI, the wife was quilting today, we have had a run on great-nieces and nephews. No mug here this afternoon, just a tumbler of Apple Cider. Snow is in the air, be careful on those slopes.

    • That is so fun! Another weather lover 😉 love your love of family as well, and can’t wait to read your thankfulness. Cider sounds amazing. They are hoping to blow snow on the slopes this week, I think. More things to be thankful for — cider and snow.

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